Libra Horoscope for November 2018

A Note from Susan Miller


Dear Reader,

Tomorrow, I fly to San Diego to give my Year Ahead 2019 weekend seminar at the La Costa Resort & Spa in nearby Carlsbad, CA. I am doing a cool Yoga + Astrology 3-day weekend from November 2-4 with Alanna Zabel of AZIAM Yoga. Neptune will be trine the Sun, denoting extreme harmony and spirituality, making this the perfect weekend to recharge. This will be a calming weekend where we will set our intentions for the New Year 2019.

I will speak on Friday and Saturday evening, both talks different and very detailed, with plenty of time for Q+A. Men are invited too, of course—this would make a fabulous couples weekend.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This month brings progress, and even though you will have to be patient, you will soon see you are closer to a more stable, secure situation than you imagined you would be. Part of the reason you will need to be patient is that Venus, your ruler, will still be retrograde until November 16, a holdover from last month, when Venus began retrograding on October 5. Venus’ condition is one you feel strongly, for she is your guardian planet, so if you encounter obstacles, delays, or indecisive people whose approval you need to get going, know that December will bring vast improvements.

Since last June, we have had one retrograde after another. First, Mars went retrograde from June 26 to August 27, but in the middle of that period, Mercury, the little Wreck-It-Ralph planet, went retrograde too, because he is such a little copycat. Mercury was retrograde July 25 to August 18. Three powerful eclipses came by in July and August too, layering on more stress, making those months intense. You and the rest of us assumed we were out of the woods by September, but no, on October 5, Venus went out of phase, and will finally turn direct on November 16. Mercury is still up to his little tricks, for he will retrograde on the same day, November 16, until December 6.

Venus, Mars, and Mercury, are the three planets we feel the most when retrograde, because they all orbit close to earth. I promise, we will have no more retrograde planets after December 6. Mercury will retrograde in 2019 during most of March, July, and November, which is usual for Mercury, for he retrogrades typically every 12 weeks. It is not usual to have Venus and Mars retrograde too, for they retrograde every 18 months and 24 months, respectively. This means 2019 will be highly productive, for Mars and Venus will both speed forward all year.

The very best part of this month will happen later, but let me touch on a few things you need to know first. If you are single, it is best not to date a new romantic interest during the first two weeks of November, for the warmth of the relationship is likely to cool quickly. Don’t buy precious gems, like diamonds, until Venus goes direct, for Venus rules all things that embellish and beautify. Also, it is not the time to launch a product or service aimed toward women, for Venus rules women and also has a lot to do with profit. (Mars rules products and services aimed toward men.)

It’s also not a time to schedule a face-lift, Botox treatment, or any dermatological treatment that is new to you, for such procedures could go very wrong, as I detailed in my previous report to you. (You can always see last month’s forecast on my site by clicking View Previous Month in the blue box under my text on all pages of your monthly report or by swiping left on my app when reading your monthly forecast.)

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