Libra Horoscope for May 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Recently you’ve taken a closer look at your finances and may have taken steps to improve your investment’s performance. You may have called your broker or financial advisor to go over your retirement portfolio to see if there were ways to improve returns. It’s always a good idea to check on your accounts now and then.

If you don’t have a retirement fund, you might want to check with your accountant and find out about certain deductions to your taxes that may be available to you if you start one. (The US has incentives for taxpayers to save for their golden years—investigate those.) If you live outside the US, it’s always good to gather information, so ask your tax preparer if there is anything you could do that would be helpful. Asking about legal deductions you can take (if any) is always good to know.

This month, by the May 7 full moon in Scorpio, 17 degrees, you will be coming to an end of your financial planning and may also be ready to pay people you owe. If you have interviewed for a job, you would settle on the salary within four days of this date.

Dear Libra, you may be disappointed to read about a full moon in your financial second house of salary, but don’t be blue or anxious. I feel it is a well-aspected full moon, and with only a small effort, you can find ways to find money. Mercury, ruling news, is based in your financial eighth house of other people’s money and will be in perfect angle to Jupiter and Pluto (both planets are orbiting together, practically conjunct). Pluto rules your house of personal income, so this a good sign—you can find work, a side job, or a project that would pay you well. Be optimistic about that full moon, May 7.

Mars, the action planet, is about to enter your work-a-day sector (sixth house) and will rev things up there. If you are out of work, the moment Mars enters, May 12, to stay until June 27, your chances of finding projects will go sky high. Moreover, the presence of Jupiter and Pluto in the mix suggests you would be paid a fair and possibly even a generous fee, wage, or commission. I realize conditions are changing minute by minute, but you have a good chance to rise above the troubles to nab a way to make money. The question is, do you want to work? If so, you can.

You have a lot of emphasis on home and family now, and this has been going on since the beginning of the year—this area will be a pot of good fortune for you. During the string of days that will span from May 14 to 18, you will have a good chance to obtain money from a bank or from family to work on a home-related goal. If you need money to temporarily bridge expenses, ask your mother or father if they could help you with a loan (or even an outright gift of money).

You may be hoping to rent a new apartment or, before the pandemic hit, to buy or sell a house or condo. If you like your present space, you may want to make repairs or paint a room. Any reasonable home or family plan (considering we are in quarantine) seems to be possible because you have a direct link between your fourth house of home, which includes family members or other property you might own or rent, straight to your eighth house, which rules large one-time bundles of money, including loans, inheritances, insurance payouts, and windfalls. Both areas of your chart will be activated at the full moon of May 7, plus four days. This means a bank may give you a home improvement loan, or your family might help you with needed cash.

Mars, the action planet, is about to enter your work-a-day sector (sixth house) and will rev things up there. The moment Mars enters, May 12, to stay until June 27, your chances of finding projects will go sky high. Moreover, the presence of Jupiter and Pluto in the mix suggests you would be paid a fair and possibly even a generous fee, wage, or commission.

Life will get easier and more upbeat once you get to the new moon in Gemini on May 22 at 2 degrees, for Gemini is an air sign like yours, so you will be in your element. This new moon will come with the Sun and also with Venus and Mercury in your ninth house of distant travel and intellectual pursuits.

It’s not likely you will be going anywhere on an airplane during a pandemic because stay-at-home orders are in place in most countries (and flights are all but non-existent these days except for those who have a dire emergency). Still, you seem to yearn for a change of scene, so you might be able to take a drive into the countryside to a rented Airbnb if you head to a quiet, remote natural area. If you own or rent a country house, you might go there for a few days. If you have a sister or brother, there is some indication that you might want to talk with your sibling.

The most likely way you will use this new moon’s brilliant energy is to stock up on interesting podcasts and best-selling books, for Gemini rules all sorts of communication. In fact, you may decide to write a manuscript of your own now, a perfect time to do so.

I love that Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn are all in trine position to the new moon in Gemini on May 22. (The word trine, an astrological term, comes from the word triangle, and relates to two planets that are 120 degrees apart.) It is a heavenly aspect, one of the best, most harmonious that you can get.

Now how does this work? Pluto and Jupiter are both in late degrees of earth-sign Capricorn, and Saturn is in early degrees of air-sign Aquarius. Saturn is clearly supportive of this gorgeous new moon of two degrees Gemini, and so are Pluto and Jupiter, for both are in such late degrees of Capricorn that they are both within the tolerance of a supportive trine orb of the new moon. Astrologers call this an out-of-sign trine. The result is that you have huge cosmic support for your writing, speaking, reading, or listening to information you can train your mind on.

If you are in college working remotely on a computer, you will be helped by this new moon of May 22 too, for your ninth house, so lit up for you in late May, rules higher education, specifically college and beyond. If you have to take a qualifying exam after the new moon appears, you have the ability to do very well. Even if you are not enrolled in a university, you might sign up for continuing education courses or something fun, such as a poetry class from a fine university online, or find a book club that discusses best-selling books. There is also lots of information on YouTube, and if you verify the experience of the person giving the advice, you might learn a lot on a subject interesting to you and satisfy your intense hunger this month for intellectual stimulation.

Romantically, you have Venus in Gemini, which should smooth your interaction between you and your significant other. Venus will remain in Gemini a long time—not the unusual four weeks, but four months, all the way to August 7. The reason Venus is staying so long in one sign is that she will go retrograde from May 12 to June 24.

When any planet retrogrades, it is a time to go over old ground and rethink and reexamine assumptions regarding projects, ventures, or a relationship. Venus rules love, and you are ruled by gentle Venus. You might hesitate or waffle about someone you are dating now, and that’s okay, don’t make any decisions yet, for in the middle of a pandemic, you really don’t have to do so.

Besides, we have eclipse season starting up in June, and that will include the first appearance of an eclipse in the new family of signs, Gemini and Sagittarius starting (June 5, a full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius) plus two eclipses finishing up the Cancer and Capricorn family of signs (June 21, a new moon solar eclipse in Cancer, and a July 4-5 lunar full moon eclipse in Capricorn). Eclipses always bring information to light, so you would be wise to wait until you get news in June and July. (You might not get news if you have no planets, the Sun, or moon in your natal chart close enough to the degrees of those eclipses. You’ll have to wait and see, but I will give you more information about these eclipses in my report to you next month.)

As said, Venus is your ruling planet, so you have to expect some delays, and a slowdown in progress while this planet is retrograde, but this is only temporary, until June 24. Venus retrogrades every 18 months, and when it does, it is considered a very bad time to wed. Last year, when I saw Venus would be out of phase during May and June, prime wedding season, I was concerned. You need a good, strong Venus when you choose a date to get married, for Venus rules love and affection. When Venus is retrograde on the day of the wedding, it suggests that love could cool off dramatically in time. If you had to postpone your wedding, don’t be sad—the universe is actually protecting your union. Reschedule it for 2021 when Venus will be strong all year.

Venus also rules good looks, but in the time of a pandemic, I have to suggest you not try to cut your own hair. I know there are plenty of articles and videos about how to do it, so if you are determined to experiment, do so in the first week of May, and avoid doing so while Venus will go retrograde (and leave a space of days before Venus turns retrograde May 12.) It’s usually best to stay with the status quo. If you want to color your hair (and even guys do that), don’t go crazy—start with root touch-ups, which are easy to accomplish, and don’t try for a completely different color.

Work hard to finish up talks this month before May 12. Feel a sense of urgency, because you won’t want to get tangled up in the eclipses in June or July nor the coming Mercury retrograde, June 17 to July 12. It’s never a good idea to sign papers while Mercury is retrograde or even to announce a vital decision.

There are a slew of other planets going retrograde too—Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn. Pluto already went retrograde on April 25 and will remain retrograde until October 4. Jupiter will go retrograde May 14 until September 12, and Saturn will retrograde from May 10 to September 28. This will necessarily create barriers to progress on all levels, personal and professional, for five out of eight planets will be lethargic. Continue along with projects already in the pipeline, but don’t start something new during these times. If you need to launch, do so July 15 if you can’t do so in early May. Venus has sway over profits, the reason I want you to hurry to debut your project, or hold it until July 15, leaving a space of a few days after Mercury is done retrograding July 12.

We always feel the retrogrades of Mars, Venus, and Mercury more than other planets, for those are the planets that orbit closest to earth.

The retrograde of Pluto and Jupiter, and to some degree, Saturn, may actually help us, for their retrogrades will cause the pandemic to dramatically slow its spread, but only temporarily. Pluto rules viruses, and Jupiter expands all that it touches (Jupiter and Pluto are traveling together in tight conjunction through 2020, within just a few degrees of each other). You can bet the virus will return full force in late September or early October, when Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn are rested and back orbiting direct.

I think the scientists may have a workable vaccine by December, which would be miraculous timing—my math suggests this may happen. It makes no sense to me that in December and beyond, which is very cold in the northern hemisphere, would see a tapering off of the virus. Viruses flourish in cold weather. I can only interpret this to be because medicine might be developed by then. I know that’s fast! Vaccines can take 10-15 years to come to market, but right now all nations and scientific communities are working together to speed progress.

Dear reader, you must be careful, no matter how close to normal things begin to appear in June, July, August, and most of September. You might be lulled into thinking the problem is over, but that assumption is likely not true—this virus is virulent. Stay safe by staying informed and by listening to the advice of authorities.

Please Note: On October 1, 2020, there is a full moon in Aries 9º, not Aquarius 9º. We apologize for this error in our 2020 calendar.


You have an outstanding month ahead, but first, so that you can enjoy what’s coming in the second half of May, you will need to finish up a financial matter within four days of the positive full moon, May 7. You started organizing financial matters in April, and this full moon will culminate your present concentration on money. This is a positive new moon, so if you are waiting for an answer regarding a raise or a new job, you should hear the answer within four days of May 7. This will be a friendly full moon for most, so think good thoughts.

If you need to discuss a mortgage, or home improvement loan with your bank, do so between May 14 and May 18 when you’ll have Pluto and Jupiter behind you, one-hundred percent. Expect to get an attractive offer. Family support will be unusually strong too, so if you need a loan or outright financial gift from your parent, ask, for your chart suggests that your mother or father will want to help you, even if this has never happened before.

There is indication you will be making changes in the structure of your investments in your retirement portfolio, as Saturn is now within orb of a challenging aspect to Uranus to conform to changing conditions. This may come up suddenly now, or later, in 2021, as this is a slow-moving aspect. Saturn rules the past and Uranus rules the future—with Uranus in this position, the old decisions you made about your money might not work as well as you move forward.

This aspect involving Saturn and Uranus will be more evident in 2021 than 2020. Because these two planets are close enough to create an influence now, it may be time to confer with your financial advisor to find ways to get a better performance from your retirement account or investments. In the past month or so, the entire world’s economy has changed dramatically, so it’s always a good idea to gather opinions of financial professionals. You might want to take a college course in finance or start to watch a financial TV channel to bone up on how markets work.

Now let’s get to the fun part of the month. With a dazzling lineup of heavenly bodies in Gemini at the new moon, May 22, you may be thinking about renting a cottage in the country for a few days in an area that is remote and not heavily populated. Or you may be planning to go back to college or graduate school or take continuing education classes. If the travel ban is still on, learning something new would be a good way to give your mind interesting information to chew on. With a fine beam from Saturn, you might want to take a course with your sister, cousin, or even your mother.

In terms of love, if you are single, you are now feeling ready to make a commitment to your sweetheart by August (don’t do anything just yet). This month, with Venus in Gemini, your relationship will become more lighthearted and less serious. If attached, plan a project you can do together, such an awe-inspiriting trip you both might take together in the future or draw up plans to move or improve your present apartment or house (the latter being a superb idea) when the pandemic begins to wane next year, it’s always fun to keep thinking about better days ahead.

Keep in mind that Venus will retrograde from May 12 to June 24, not a good time to start a new relationship. If you have been dating someone new for a relatively short time, Venus in backward motion may make you re-think your relationship. You may need time to decide whether to move forward or keep it as it is. For now, keep your alliance as is, at least until it becomes clear what you’d like to do. It seems you will know your own heart by the first week of August.

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