Libra Horoscope for May 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Work hard to finish up talks this month before May 12. Feel a sense of urgency, because you won’t want to get tangled up in the eclipses in June or July nor the coming Mercury retrograde, June 17 to July 12. It’s never a good idea to sign papers while Mercury is retrograde or even to announce a vital decision.

There are a slew of other planets going retrograde too—Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn. Pluto already went retrograde on April 25 and will remain retrograde until October 4. Jupiter will go retrograde May 14 until September 12, and Saturn will retrograde from May 10 to September 28. This will necessarily create barriers to progress on all levels, personal and professional, for five out of eight planets will be lethargic. Continue along with projects already in the pipeline, but don’t start something new during these times. If you need to launch, do so July 15 if you can’t do so in early May. Venus has sway over profits, the reason I want you to hurry to debut your project, or hold it until July 15, leaving a space of a few days after Mercury is done retrograding July 12.

We always feel the retrogrades of Mars, Venus, and Mercury more than other planets, for those are the planets that orbit closest to earth.

The retrograde of Pluto and Jupiter, and to some degree, Saturn, may actually help us, for their retrogrades will cause the pandemic to dramatically slow its spread, but only temporarily. Pluto rules viruses, and Jupiter expands all that it touches (Jupiter and Pluto are traveling together in tight conjunction through 2020, within just a few degrees of each other). You can bet the virus will return full force in late September or early October, when Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn are rested and back orbiting direct.

I think the scientists may have a workable vaccine by December, which would be miraculous timing—my math suggests this may happen. It makes no sense to me that in December and beyond, which is very cold in the northern hemisphere, would see a tapering off of the virus. Viruses flourish in cold weather. I can only interpret this to be because medicine might be developed by then. I know that’s fast! Vaccines can take 10-15 years to come to market, but right now all nations and scientific communities are working together to speed progress.

Dear reader, you must be careful, no matter how close to normal things begin to appear in June, July, August, and most of September. You might be lulled into thinking the problem is over, but that assumption is likely not true—this virus is virulent. Stay safe by staying informed and by listening to the advice of authorities.

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