Libra Horoscope for May 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Now how does this work? Pluto and Jupiter are both in late degrees of earth-sign Capricorn, and Saturn is in early degrees of air-sign Aquarius. Saturn is clearly supportive of this gorgeous new moon of two degrees Gemini, and so are Pluto and Jupiter, for both are in such late degrees of Capricorn that they are both within the tolerance of a supportive trine orb of the new moon. Astrologers call this an out-of-sign trine. The result is that you have huge cosmic support for your writing, speaking, reading, or listening to information you can train your mind on.

If you are in college working remotely on a computer, you will be helped by this new moon of May 22 too, for your ninth house, so lit up for you in late May, rules higher education, specifically college and beyond. If you have to take a qualifying exam after the new moon appears, you have the ability to do very well. Even if you are not enrolled in a university, you might sign up for continuing education courses or something fun, such as a poetry class from a fine university online, or find a book club that discusses best-selling books. There is also lots of information on YouTube, and if you verify the experience of the person giving the advice, you might learn a lot on a subject interesting to you and satisfy your intense hunger this month for intellectual stimulation.

Romantically, you have Venus in Gemini, which should smooth your interaction between you and your significant other. Venus will remain in Gemini a long time—not the unusual four weeks, but four months, all the way to August 7. The reason Venus is staying so long in one sign is that she will go retrograde from May 12 to June 24.

When any planet retrogrades, it is a time to go over old ground and rethink and reexamine assumptions regarding projects, ventures, or a relationship. Venus rules love, and you are ruled by gentle Venus. You might hesitate or waffle about someone you are dating now, and that’s okay, don’t make any decisions yet, for in the middle of a pandemic, you really don’t have to do so.

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