Libra Horoscope for May 2019

A Note from Susan Miller

May 2019

Dear Reader,

I am so excited about May I can hardly contain myself. It brims with happy, positive aspects, and brings many joyous surprises. I feel you will love May!

As we go through the month, I will continue to remind you of important, sweet aspects on Instagram (@AstrologyZone), Twitter (also @Astrologyzone), and on Facebook (Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone). Keep looking for the blue Verified check mark next to my name on all three social media platforms as some people are pretending to be me. I will post almost daily so that you will be able to use every sparkling aspect as they come up—there will be many!

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You didn’t have the easiest time in April, but May will be a big improvement. This month, money matters will dominate, but with good aspects to the new and full moons, you might just leave the month richer than when you entered it.

The month starts out with a superb aspect, May 2, with communication-planet Mercury touring entrepreneurial Aries, your partnership sector, and receiving lovely golden beams from Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, based in your contractual sector. You could not wish for a better time to discuss a deal, whether for work or for personal reasons, and if the paperwork that you may have drawn up is ready to sign, go ahead and choose this day, May 2, to make it official. What a wonderful day you will have to create a venture that will bring happiness and profits.

One of your main moments of the month will occur when the new moon arrives May 4 in Taurus, 14 degrees. This new moon will light your eighth house, which covers what is called the house of other people’s money. If you need funding, such as for venture capital, a bank loan, a line of credit or mortgage, to settle an inheritance, to apply for university financial aid, or an expected payout in an insurance case, the new moon would be the time to open talks or send in your application. All new moons have a window of ten days, but the sooner you act after the new moon appears, the better. Your chances of success are always strongest in the three days following a new moon, but if that doesn’t work for you, you do have up to ten days to act. What you do this month will have the power to have an effect on your financial future for a year or longer.

The most likely area for you to direct your attention in regard to your finances is in real estate. You may need a mortgage or be interested in refinancing your present mortgage for a better interest rate. If you are about to send in an application for a home-related insurance payout, your timing is ideal. Sometimes when a complex property case goes on for a long time, you go through various stages. If you feel you are starting a new stage now, your timing is perfect. Another way this could work out, you may want a home improvement loan for a renovation, or you may be working on sorting out a family inheritance. You have extraordinary help from both Saturn and Pluto now, so it seems likely that a large sum is involved. Although the process of funding may take time—maybe months, depending on the scale of your project and the amount you need—I feel your star power is so strong that you’ll have no trouble with the financing. Stay positive.

Two weeks later, at the full moon on May 18 in Scorpio 28 degrees, plus or minus four days, you will also focus on finances. The new moon, discussed above, is clearly favorable, and now, this full moon of May 18 will be even more so. Again, Saturn and Pluto will be on your side, working hard for you and making sure that the gains you make are long lasting. Pluto is a big money planet, and with Pluto in Capricorn, a major financial sign will help boost this trend even more. If you have applied to the government for help or need to negotiate a tax situation, you may get a final decision that pleases you so much that you will feel enormous relief. On this same full moon, you have even more luck, for Uranus, planet of surprise, will send a beam to the moon, sending what looks to be very sweet financial news out of the blue.

Romantically, the first part of the month will be best, from the very start of the month until May 14. Circle the final day Venus will be in Aries, May 14, as a sparkling day, for on that day, Venus will receive sexy signals from Mars, which will be based in your ninth house of travel. If you take a trip, be sure to include May 14 as one of the days you will be away with your partner.

More encouraging news will emanate from action-planet Mars. As the month opens, Mars will still be moving through compatible Gemini, an air sign like yours, a trend that started March 30 and that will continue until May 15. Mars will brilliantly light your ninth house, which rules, among many parts of life, exciting long-distance travel. This means that it would be a good idea to travel during the first two weeks of May. Any foreign or distant trip you take will turn out well.

One of your best days to be on a trip will be May 14, when Mars and Venus communicate beautifully. Make sure that May 14 is included in the days you will be away. In fact, it would be ideal to make it the last night of your trip—May 14 has romantic, celebratory elements and could have you enchanted by the stars in the sky and the scent of honeysuckle in the warm night air.

In the first two weeks of May, you will have other benefits, so if one or two of the following topics relate to you, by all means take full advantage from May 1 to 14. Here they are: You may see immigration matters progress nicely. The media will be another fortunate area for you during the first half of May too, whether you work in publishing or broadcasting or find yourself the subject of a flattering news story. Also indicated is favor you may receive in regard to legal matters. Finally, academic matters will shine for you during the first half of May too, so use the time prior to May 15 to take an important exam, have an interview with an official at a collage of your choice, or schedule the date to defend your thesis. These are just some idea to start you thinking—you will know which area might fit your agenda.

Here is an important point to keep in mind: If you simply cannot travel in May or work on any of the matters I just listed above, you will have a second chance in June after the new moon June 3, plus ten days. Stay tuned—I will be talking about these very same areas next month for you for different reasons. I will say, though, that I feel May will bring extra-sweet aspects, ones that are hard to match, so I still hope you can take advantage of some of the areas I outlined for you this month.

Mars will move into Cancer on May 15 to stay until July 1, a time when your career will light up brilliantly. If you want to change jobs, that would be the time to get serious about polishing your résumé, contacting VIPs for interviews, and generally making it known (subtly if you are currently employed) that you are open to entertaining offers.

One special day when you are about to dazzle an influential person will be May 22, for Mars and Uranus will be in perfect sync. What a great day! Surprises will abound, opportunities will open up. With Mars in your fame and honors tenth house, in contact with Uranus in your commissions/royalties/bonuses house, you are likely not only to hear about a prestigious job opportunity, but that job is likely to offer good money, too. The type of money to focus on is money you would earn by putting in a good performance—in other words, the better you do, the more you would make. If that is not possible, then discuss benefits such as a solid health insurance policy, vacation time, flex time (working one day a week at home to cut down on commuting), the key to the executive gym, and other such perks. You get the idea.

Before I go, I have some dates I would like you to circle on your calendar, some of which I’ve already mentioned, but they’re just so sweet, I don’t want you to forget them. On May 2, you will have Mercury in conversation with Jupiter, surely a gorgeous day. If you sign a contract, you will have a superb chance of making good profits from the venture. This day will also be a perfect time to apply for a mortgage or home improvement loan, to close on a house or condo, or to hire a contractor (assuming you have received and checked references).

Here is a glowing day that deserves a gold star: May 9, when Venus and Jupiter will join forces. Again, home and family-related matters will shine like diamonds in the Sun. Your houses of money and real estate will be tightly linked in a heavenly aspect, making this day a major standout. Talk to your banker or broker for any home-related matter, including a mortgage or refinanced mortgage. Your guardian planet is Venus, making May 9 an extra special day for you!

If you would like to give a very special party at home, do so on Saturday, May 11, when the Sun and Saturn will be in sync, for it is surely an evening where you’ll bond closely with friends, creating a warm feeling for all your guests and everyone will have fun, including you. This day, May 11, has an alternative use too: You can go shopping for an important new item for your home and find something you love and will keep forever.

Romantically, the first part of the month will be best, from the very start of the month until May 14. Circle the final day Venus will be in Aries, May 14, as a sparkling day, for on that day, Venus will receive sexy signals from Mars, which will be based in your ninth house of travel. If you take a trip, be sure to include May 14 as one of the days you will be away with your partner. If you can only go away a short time, and if you are not giving a party (on May 11, as discussed above), then I suggest you go over an elongated weekend of May 11 through May 15 as ideal. The transiting moon will be in luxury-minded Leo on May 11, and it will be in your sign, Libra, over May 14-15. Use these days for a romantic getaway.


You seem ready to look into your finances to see if you can improve the performance of your savings and investments. If you need a mortgage or loan, speak to your banker, and you’d be wise to do so right after the new moon arrives, May 4. The part of your chart ruling other people’s money will be brilliantly lit. This part of your chart rules your investments, money you share with your spouse, credit cards, loans or mortgages, infusions of venture capital, severance, and so forth. Of all the possibilities, it appears you are mainly focused on getting a loan or mortgage to improve your home. You may be buying, renting, making repairs, renovations, or decorating. Those plans will call for funding, and you can now get what you need. Fill out your application immediately after the May 4 new moon arrives.

If, alternatively, you are trying for financial assistance for one of your parents, you may have to show your parent’s financial records or even some of your own too, but either way, press forward confidently—you will do well if seeking financial approvals under this encouraging new moon. You will have Saturn and Pluto, two financial planets, in the right positions to allow you to build long-term security. Neptune, planet of inspiration, will also help you decide how best handle the financing no matter what your plans happens to entail.

This is certainly one of the most financial months of the year for you, for the full moon of May 18 will also accent your finances, but at that point, you will get closure. If you are negotiating with a client, you will reach final accord, and if applying for funds from a bank or asking for a raise from your boss, your final answer will come at this full moon. This full moon will fall in Scorpio—a financial sign—and will be remarkably friendly. It will allow you to see your plans through to their logical conclusion, and with such powerful aspects around you, it appears you’ll be enthusiastic about the outcome.

In addition to having Saturn and Pluto’s stabilizing support at the full moon on May 18, you will also have Venus conjunct Uranus, indicating that you may be surprised by the good financial news you receive. Venus is Libra’s ruling planet, so this aspect is significant for you—watch May 9 and May 17, superb days for financial talks. If you need to sign papers about a matter that involves money, May 9 would be one of your best days of the season to do so. On May 9, you will be especially lucky with home, property, and real estate matters.

While all this is going on, you may decide you want to break free and travel. Thanks to Mars in Gemini, an air sign like your Libra Sun, this month would be one of the best to go on an exciting vacation to a foreign country or distant city. You had Mars in this position in April, so perhaps you already took a holiday, but if not, then make your best efforts to leave before Mars leaves Gemini on May 15. Keep in mind that Mars has not been in Gemini for two years, and once he leaves on May 15, he won’t be back until March 2021.

If May is not the perfect time to take a trip, you will have a second chance to go at the new moon next month on or after June 3 (plus the ten days that follow), allowing you to travel joyfully with a free heart. Still, there is something about the month of May, dotted with so many lovely aspects, that I am hoping you can take advantage of some travel now.

Mars will enter Cancer and light your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievements on May 15 and stay until July 1, giving you an ideal time to job-hunt. July will hold two eclipses, and the one on July 2 may bring massive changes within your company or to your career. Your career appears to be changing, and you would be wise to look at new options in case you don’t like the changes in your office that are on the way. (I am not saying you won’t like them necessarily, but just in case you don’t.) I do see you moving into more of a responsible role.

While you have Mars’ help during the second half of May and during all of June, see what the world holds for you by discretely interviewing for any jobs that interest you. Look at job listings, too. You need not change jobs if you don’t want to, of course, it’s just that the second half of May and all of June will offer some of your juiciest opportunities. Simply by going out and interviewing for a new job will expand your knowledge of your industry and your base of contacts. It will be up to up to you to make this new position happen, but you surely have the universe pulling for you! May 22 will be filled with happy surprises related to career and employment-related money.

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