Libra Horoscope for May 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

If, alternatively, you are trying for financial assistance for one of your parents, you may have to show your parent’s financial records or even some of your own too, but either way, press forward confidently—you will do well if seeking financial approvals under this encouraging new moon. You will have Saturn and Pluto, two financial planets, in the right positions to allow you to build long-term security. Neptune, planet of inspiration, will also help you decide how best handle the financing no matter what your plans happens to entail.

This is certainly one of the most financial months of the year for you, for the full moon of May 18 will also accent your finances, but at that point, you will get closure. If you are negotiating with a client, you will reach final accord, and if applying for funds from a bank or asking for a raise from your boss, your final answer will come at this full moon. This full moon will fall in Scorpio—a financial sign—and will be remarkably friendly. It will allow you to see your plans through to their logical conclusion, and with such powerful aspects around you, it appears you’ll be enthusiastic about the outcome.

In addition to having Saturn and Pluto’s stabilizing support at the full moon on May 18, you will also have Venus conjunct Uranus, indicating that you may be surprised by the good financial news you receive. Venus is Libra’s ruling planet, so this aspect is significant for you—watch May 9 and May 17, superb days for financial talks. If you need to sign papers about a matter that involves money, May 9 would be one of your best days of the season to do so. On May 9, you will be especially lucky with home, property, and real estate matters.

While all this is going on, you may decide you want to break free and travel. Thanks to Mars in Gemini, an air sign like your Libra Sun, this month would be one of the best to go on an exciting vacation to a foreign country or distant city. You had Mars in this position in April, so perhaps you already took a holiday, but if not, then make your best efforts to leave before Mars leaves Gemini on May 15. Keep in mind that Mars has not been in Gemini for two years, and once he leaves on May 15, he won’t be back until March 2021.

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