Libra Horoscope for May 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Before I go, I have some dates I would like you to circle on your calendar, some of which I’ve already mentioned, but they’re just so sweet, I don’t want you to forget them. On May 2, you will have Mercury in conversation with Jupiter, surely a gorgeous day. If you sign a contract, you will have a superb chance of making good profits from the venture. This day will also be a perfect time to apply for a mortgage or home improvement loan, to close on a house or condo, or to hire a contractor (assuming you have received and checked references).

Here is a glowing day that deserves a gold star: May 9, when Venus and Jupiter will join forces. Again, home and family-related matters will shine like diamonds in the Sun. Your houses of money and real estate will be tightly linked in a heavenly aspect, making this day a major standout. Talk to your banker or broker for any home-related matter, including a mortgage or refinanced mortgage. Your guardian planet is Venus, making May 9 an extra special day for you!

If you would like to give a very special party at home, do so on Saturday, May 11, when the Sun and Saturn will be in sync, for it is surely an evening where you’ll bond closely with friends, creating a warm feeling for all your guests and everyone will have fun, including you. This day, May 11, has an alternative use too: You can go shopping for an important new item for your home and find something you love and will keep forever.

Romantically, the first part of the month will be best, from the very start of the month until May 14. Circle the final day Venus will be in Aries, May 14, as a sparkling day, for on that day, Venus will receive sexy signals from Mars, which will be based in your ninth house of travel. If you take a trip, be sure to include May 14 as one of the days you will be away with your partner. If you can only go away a short time, and if you are not giving a party (on May 11, as discussed above), then I suggest you go over an elongated weekend of May 11 through May 15 as ideal. The transiting moon will be in luxury-minded Leo on May 11, and it will be in your sign, Libra, over May 14-15. Use these days for a romantic getaway.


You seem ready to look into your finances to see if you can improve the performance of your savings and investments. If you need a mortgage or loan, speak to your banker, and you’d be wise to do so right after the new moon arrives, May 4. The part of your chart ruling other people’s money will be brilliantly lit. This part of your chart rules your investments, money you share with your spouse, credit cards, loans or mortgages, infusions of venture capital, severance, and so forth. Of all the possibilities, it appears you are mainly focused on getting a loan or mortgage to improve your home. You may be buying, renting, making repairs, renovations, or decorating. Those plans will call for funding, and you can now get what you need. Fill out your application immediately after the May 4 new moon arrives.

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