Libra Horoscope for May 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

In the first two weeks of May, you will have other benefits, so if one or two of the following topics relate to you, by all means take full advantage from May 1 to 14. Here they are: You may see immigration matters progress nicely. The media will be another fortunate area for you during the first half of May too, whether you work in publishing or broadcasting or find yourself the subject of a flattering news story. Also indicated is favor you may receive in regard to legal matters. Finally, academic matters will shine for you during the first half of May too, so use the time prior to May 15 to take an important exam, have an interview with an official at a collage of your choice, or schedule the date to defend your thesis. These are just some idea to start you thinking—you will know which area might fit your agenda.

Here is an important point to keep in mind: If you simply cannot travel in May or work on any of the matters I just listed above, you will have a second chance in June after the new moon June 3, plus ten days. Stay tuned—I will be talking about these very same areas next month for you for different reasons. I will say, though, that I feel May will bring extra-sweet aspects, ones that are hard to match, so I still hope you can take advantage of some of the areas I outlined for you this month.

Mars will move into Cancer on May 15 to stay until July 1, a time when your career will light up brilliantly. If you want to change jobs, that would be the time to get serious about polishing your résumé, contacting VIPs for interviews, and generally making it known (subtly if you are currently employed) that you are open to entertaining offers.

One special day when you are about to dazzle an influential person will be May 22, for Mars and Uranus will be in perfect sync. What a great day! Surprises will abound, opportunities will open up. With Mars in your fame and honors tenth house, in contact with Uranus in your commissions/royalties/bonuses house, you are likely not only to hear about a prestigious job opportunity, but that job is likely to offer good money, too. The type of money to focus on is money you would earn by putting in a good performance—in other words, the better you do, the more you would make. If that is not possible, then discuss benefits such as a solid health insurance policy, vacation time, flex time (working one day a week at home to cut down on commuting), the key to the executive gym, and other such perks. You get the idea.

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