Libra Horoscope for March 2019

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This is a big month in astrological circles because Uranus, the planet of chaos, independence, invention, disruption, creativity, and sudden, unanticipated change, will leave your seventh house of marriage, a place it has occupied continuously since March 2011. This planet may have shown a difficult influence on one of your close relationships—in love or in regard to a business alliance. Whichever it was, this person kept you on edge, for you never could have anticipated what was coming up next from this person. If you didn’t have an individual in your life who was acting in an unusual way, you may have instead suffered with your health. All this stress is ending, and you will soon feel better.

When a planet moves through the first, fourth, seventh, or tenth house—points that correspond to key points on the compass as east, north, west, or south—that planet becomes extra strong and acts like a wild, powerful stallion. (Looking at an astrological chart, east is actually on the left side, and north is actually at the bottom.) In other words, it creates a loud, overpowering presence that cannot be ignored. To have hosted Uranus, such a heavy-duty outer planet, that moves slowly in your seventh house for seven years must have brought on difficult moments where you weren’t quite sure what to do.

Some Libras had difficulty dealing with an unpredictable marriage partner, or some Libras may have found that unusual events were working against their mate, putting their mate on a difficult life path. Other Libras said their marriages were strong and that their marriage partners were not going through a hard time but were shocked by the behavior of one or more business partners. The seventh house is also the house of competitors. If you were in business, there may have been players acting out in the open, so you may have been shocked by the behavior of competitors or people within your company who wanted to take a portion of your success for themselves. If this is how events played out, those adversaries were using unanticipated moves that may have wounded you when you discovered what was happening.

This period will now be over, bolted shut, and left behind as soon as Uranus moves into Taurus on March 6—the first time since 1934 to 1942. It takes Uranus 84 years to move through all 12 houses of the horoscope. This is why you will never host Uranus again in your seventh house of committed relationships in love or business. You will not miss him.

Now, Uranus will move into your eighth house, which rules not salary but what I call other people’s money. This house covers credit cards, student loans, taxes, inheritances, prize winnings, commissions, royalties, licensing fees, child support, court settlements, and other income that comes to you from means other than salary.

This is where you will see surprises from time to time. When dealing with Uranus, you never know if those unanticipated financial events will be positive or negative, but if you keep an eye on your business dealings and keep your credit rating high, you will reduce the kinds of surprises that come up.

March 21 will be a four-star day with glorious Jupiter and graceful Venus in perfect sync. If you have an important interview or presentation or need a vital day for any purpose, such as a first date, schedule it for this day.

Of course, in life we cannot control everything. Uranus is the planet that teaches us to stay on our toes, to be resourceful, flexible, and adaptable, as well as to learn from any temporary setbacks. At times in the years ahead you will have a bountiful harvest—more money than you ever thought possible—but at other times you will be hit by a large bill you never saw coming. For example, you may be shocked to find that you owe an enormous tax bill because your company, following IRS guidelines, withheld too little out of your paycheck last year, and now you are feeling the shock. Things like this sometimes happen, and it’s never a pleasant experience to go through.

Yet by realizing that the world is an unpredictable place and that even good people sometimes suffer due to no result of their own actions, you will gradually see the need to set up a method to have access to contingency funds when you need them, such as by drawing from your nest egg or by obtaining a loan, rather than accessing cash advances on credit cards, where the interest is always unbearably high. If you have a small business, look into a line of credit from organizations like the Small Business Administration or companies that regularly make loans to minorities. My point is, think outside the box.

This month, you not only have Uranus in your financial eighth house, but also Mars, in a rare once-in-two-year visit to this part of your chart. Mars will force up your spending this month. It is possible you have prepared for an outlay of cash, say, if you are going to college in the fall or renovating your kitchen. Or, you may be sending your children to camp or going on a beautiful vacation very soon.

Switching gears now, the new moon this month is very friendly and will appear in your sixth house of work projects on March 6. Something new and quite creative is likely to emerge. You will have four planets in highly imaginative Pisces, all in lovely communication with your fourth house of home. You may be setting up a home office, and if so, money will flow in from your home, so that would be a good idea. I say money will materialize for you from this assignment because Mars in your eighth house will be very friendly to coming assignments. You’ll be making money, and it will come in just when you need it.

If you don’t create a home office, you might offer your home through Airbnb or rent your home to a location scout for a movie or advertisement. Since the fourth house of home also rules your parents, one parent may give you a check to help you out.

The sixth house, where you have lots of emphasis, also rules health and fitness. You know you need to have annual screenings, so make those appointments just after the new moon of March 6. See your medical doctor, your eye doctor, and dentist, and have other annual tests you need to do. If you have not been exercising, you might want to start now. Join a gym near your home, look into group fitness classes, or sign up for Pilates. Take up yoga and meditation—the point is, choose something you like and get involved.

The full moon this month on March 20 will be in Libra, zero degrees, and is a friendly full moon. Pluto will be nicely angled to the full moon in an out-of-sign trine, which is an astrological term denoting great harmony between two heavenly bodies. Mars in your financial eighth house will be in perfect harmony with Pluto too, so this should be a gratifying moment of the month. When you have a full moon in your own sign, it means something of great importance to you is coming to culmination or fruition. It’s so personal to your desire, that even I cannot see what it might be from where I sit, but you will know when it arrives.

Here is more good news about the full moon. Any new or full moon in Libra will automatically put Venus in the center of all that happens (Venus rules Libra). Venus is also your ruling planet—extra important to you. On the day after the full moon, March 21 (thereby making it part of the full moon), Venus and good-fortune planet Jupiter will cooperate in a magical aspect that will shower you with pixie dust. This makes the full moon of March 20, and the following day, March 21, one of the best full moons of 2019 for you.

March 21 will be a four-star day with glorious Jupiter and graceful Venus in perfect sync. If you have an important interview or presentation or need a vital day for any purpose, such as a first date, schedule it for this day.

If your birthday falls on September 23, plus four days, you will feel this full moon directly. The same is true if you have Libra rising zero to four degrees or your natal moon in that sign and degree. If you have a natal planet in your chart in Libra, Gemini, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius at zero degrees to four degrees, that planet will be lit up and be very beneficial to you.

Venus will be in Aquarius most of the month, a divine place for you to have fun, enjoy romance, see friends, go shopping, take in culture, such as museum exhibits, have dinner parties, lunch with friends, and in general have a happy time. You can buy clothes and accessories, but you should keep the receipts for you may have to make an exchange (Mercury retrograde). Venus in Aquarius is one of its finest places for you, for Venus will transit your fifth house of love. However, don’t buy anything electronic—those items will have to wait, and that includes a car or household appliances. Mercury will be retrograde for virtually all of March—from March 5 to 28. If you are single, someone from your past may come back into your life, however, perhaps a romantic person, and you can see if you can rekindle things again.

The end of March will bring lots of energy. Once Mercury goes direct on March 28, you will feel projects push forward energetically again. Go slowly, though, for it’s never wise to jump on the days that closely follow the turn of Mercury direct. Mercury acts like a wild child on the front- and back-end dates, so leave a space of as many days as you can muster. No planet ramps up to full power instantly. The planets are like little people—they need time to get back to their former strength. In this case, Mercury will finally be back to his good old self April 16, but you need not wait that long to start acting on projects.

The exciting news at month’s end is that on March 30 or 31 (depending on your time zone) Mars will enter Gemini, a divine place for you, and remain there until May 15. Gemini is an analytical, probing air sign like yours, a sign that stirs curiosity, conversation and learning. Mars in Gemini will coax you to travel in April, the first half of May, or in June, all glorious months to pack and go.


If you never got around to working on your New Year’s resolution to get fit and strong, March will give you a reason to enthusiastically devote yourself to a new workout program. You might want to buy a package of training sessions at the gym or take up lessons for a new sport. The new moon is in Pisces, a sign ruling Eastern disciplines, so alternatively, you might feel like taking lessons in meditation, yoga, or tai chi, for example. In astrology, knowing when to begin an initiative makes all the difference in the successful outcome of the endeavor. For you, start your healthy new chapter after the new moon, March 6.

This new moon is especially sweet—it will be in contact with Mars, a high energy planet associated with athletics, and to Saturn, the planet that brings long-term gains through consistent effort. Remarkably, not only will Mars and Saturn be in sync with the new moon, but Mars and Saturn will be in friendly relationship to each other. This will bring a special opportunity for you to get fit. There are other benefits too—schedule your annual medical checkup, go to your eye doctor and dentist, too. One hour spent conferring with a medical professional can have a powerfully beneficial effect on your future health.

The new moon of March 6 will also be helpful to you if you are looking for a part-time or full-time job similar to work you’ve done before. Your new job won’t represent a promotion no matter what they tell you, but it could be just what you had hoped to find in a new setting. If you are self-employed, plan a social media, publicity, or advertising campaign to begin immediately after March 6, as it should bring a flurry of business. If you work for others, you should find business to be brisk, and new clients you bring in will be clients/customers you keep.

A very big astrological event will occur when Uranus, the planet of unpredictable news, arrives in Taurus on March 6 as well, and will remain in this sign for seven years. Because Uranus takes 84 years to revolve around the Sun and move thorough all 12 signs of the zodiac, this is the first experience you will have with this planet. You will host Uranus in your financial eighth house ruling other people’s money. Uranus is a volatile planet, so you may see your fortunes gyrate. Your job will be to bring stability to your cash flow. You may also need to have access to contingency funds, should you ever need them, through savings, a bank loan, mortgage, or venture capital. You may make a million dollars, lose it, and make it all back. Wild ups and downs happen when this planet is present in this part of the chart. Uranus is also the planet of genius, so you might become very good at finding ways to earn more money.

The full moon, March 20, will be in Libra, so a matter of enormous personal interest will come to culmination, and it seems to involve a romantic or collaborative business relationship. Venus rules your sign, and so Venus will tell the tale on how things will go. Venus will be in ideal angle to Jupiter, suggesting you are about to see an outstandingly happy result. Venus is currently moving in your truelove sector and holding hands with Jupiter in your third house, ruling serious promises between you and another, and this house also rules travel. Events associated with one or the other (or both) could easily bring a reason for fun and celebration.

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