Libra Horoscope for March 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Venus will be in Aquarius most of the month, a divine place for you to have fun, enjoy romance, see friends, go shopping, take in culture, such as museum exhibits, have dinner parties, lunch with friends, and in general have a happy time. You can buy clothes and accessories, but you should keep the receipts for you may have to make an exchange (Mercury retrograde). Venus in Aquarius is one of its finest places for you, for Venus will transit your fifth house of love. However, don’t buy anything electronic—those items will have to wait, and that includes a car or household appliances. Mercury will be retrograde for virtually all of March—from March 5 to 28. If you are single, someone from your past may come back into your life, however, perhaps a romantic person, and you can see if you can rekindle things again.

The end of March will bring lots of energy. Once Mercury goes direct on March 28, you will feel projects push forward energetically again. Go slowly, though, for it’s never wise to jump on the days that closely follow the turn of Mercury direct. Mercury acts like a wild child on the front- and back-end dates, so leave a space of as many days as you can muster. No planet ramps up to full power instantly. The planets are like little people—they need time to get back to their former strength. In this case, Mercury will finally be back to his good old self April 16, but you need not wait that long to start acting on projects.

The exciting news at month’s end is that on March 30 or 31 (depending on your time zone) Mars will enter Gemini, a divine place for you, and remain there until May 15. Gemini is an analytical, probing air sign like yours, a sign that stirs curiosity, conversation and learning. Mars in Gemini will coax you to travel in April, the first half of May, or in June, all glorious months to pack and go.


If you never got around to working on your New Year’s resolution to get fit and strong, March will give you a reason to enthusiastically devote yourself to a new workout program. You might want to buy a package of training sessions at the gym or take up lessons for a new sport. The new moon is in Pisces, a sign ruling Eastern disciplines, so alternatively, you might feel like taking lessons in meditation, yoga, or tai chi, for example. In astrology, knowing when to begin an initiative makes all the difference in the successful outcome of the endeavor. For you, start your healthy new chapter after the new moon, March 6.

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