Libra Horoscope for March 2018

A Note from Susan Miller

March 2018

Welcome to March, one of my favorite months of 2018. This month has spectacular aspects in the first three weeks…

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As you enter March, you will do so in a low-key way. The full moon of March 1, in Virgo, 11 degrees, will light your behind-the-scenes sector, suggesting you are happy to fly under the radar and work quietly on a project. This is a very positive full moon, with lovely beams from Saturn, and no matter what you work on, whether on a product introduction or on strengthening a new relationship, as two of many possible examples, what you do with Saturn near will stand the test of time.

This sector also rules intuition as well as secrets, so if you feel someone has not told you the entire story on a certain topic, you will likely find out about it now. On the other hand, this is such a lovely time of the month, with such a supportive full moon, someone may have a surprise for you – something you will be thrilled to hear.

I am particularly excited to see that your ruling planet, Venus, on March 1, will be in the most enchanting aspect possible to good fortune Jupiter, called in astrology to be a trine (with each planet 120 degrees from the other). This will help you get work if you are looking for work, and with Venus there, you would love the work you do. Jupiter is in your house of earned income, so you would be paid generously, too. You can choose part-time or full-time work – it appears that either kind of work would be available to you.

All full moons have an area of influence of four days. Venus is not only a planet tied to money, but also to fun and love, so if you are invited to a party, wedding, or other event, you will find the atmosphere quite enchanting and otherworldly. Planets will spin a dream of an evening, so in the first weekend of the month if you get an invitation, by all means go.

Your ability to land an interesting job, or if you are self-employed or work in sales, will grow stronger at the month goes on, and this is additional exciting news.

Put a star on March 13, when the Sun and Jupiter will be in heavenly sync. VIPs will favor you, and if you apply for a job, you are likely to get it. If you are a manager and need to hire recruits, or if you have to hire people for your home life, such as a nanny, babysitter, gardener, contractor, or personal assistant, for example, you will be able to find a gem, for you are under the best possible aspects on March 13.

One of the biggest days of your month will come at the new moon, March 17, the new moon in your sixth house of work projects. With three heavenly bodies in Pisces, including the new moon (27 degrees) and Sun, along with Neptune, any new job you take would rely heavily on your artistic abilities. This has to be great news, for you will be able to show your signature style.

This same part of your chart shows the preventative measures you take to remain vibrant and well, or return to health if you have been under the weather. This new moon will open opportunity to feel better, to get a diagnosis, or if you need one, to start a physical therapy program that works. In terms of a diagnosis, if your intuition tells you test results you get this month seem off, or are surprising you and your doctor in some way, you might want to ask to have it repeated, for Neptune’s presence suggests that an error might have been made in the lab.

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