Libra Horoscope for June 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

June and July will have a lot going on for you, and you will be exceptionally busy. We have three eclipses barreling your way—two in June, and one in early July. Eclipses are known to be the most dramatic tool the universe uses to create change, progress, and productivity, as well as to cleanse any debris it might find festering under the surface. Eclipses are always harbingers of truth.

You would only feel changes if the mathematical degree of an eclipse comes close enough (within five degrees) to one of your planets, the Sun, or moon in your birth chart. If the degree of the eclipse is too far away, you will only see mild news or a slight shift. Eclipses fall in all different degrees, so sooner or later, you’ll notice one that has a message for you.

Why are there three eclipses in a row, two weeks apart? Under normal conditions, they come in pairs, falling two weeks apart. This time, we have three because the family of eclipses we have experienced over the past two years have been in Cancer and Capricorn, but we are coming to the end of that series, and the new family will be in Gemini and Sagittarius. (Eclipses always accent signs falling opposite one another on the horoscope wheel.) We have not seen eclipses in Gemini and Sagittarius since May 2011 through May 2013.

Generally, the job of an eclipse is to shake up the status quo and push you out of your comfort zone so that you can move into a new realm and ultimately, grow and mature. Eclipses are non-negotiable events, so you can’t go back to the way things were originally—the only path you can take is forward. If you don’t like the direction the eclipse is taking you, you can always make changes later.

The first eclipse will arrive on June 5 in Sagittarius at 16 degrees and will arrive as a full moon lunar eclipse, to fall in your third house. This area of your chart covers your everyday communication that comes to you in person or by phone, text, email, post, courier, and express mail. It also includes writing assignments, and if you write for a living, you may be finishing up an important manuscript or thesis to send in.

This part of your chart is very connected to the creation of written contractual agreements. (When you sign, it becomes a seventh house matter later, with promises made on both sides to one another.) With a lot of planetary energy trained on your third house, there is no doubt you will be consumed with fielding meetings and messages and also collecting and organizing details. The problem, however, is that Neptune and Mars will not be in a cooperative mood, and together, they will create a confusing atmosphere, a little like a fun house with distorted mirrors, twists, and turns.

Mars is the action planet, and Neptune is known to spark enormous creativity and vision, and both are helpful planets—but not when they are under difficult aspects. Mars can be impulsive and will prod you to get matters going quickly, but there are many crosscurrents at play this month, so being in a hurry to see progress would create havoc. Neptune, when under stressful aspects like those at play this month, is known to create fog that obscures facts and figures, causing confusion and general pandemonium.

Mars and Neptune will challenge the Sun and your ruling planet Venus, both in Gemini, and the full moon eclipse in Sagittarius. All these heavenly bodies are at 16 degrees, or within a degree, and that creates tension. Squares generally create an obstacle or impasse, so it will fall on you to find a way to resolve it. Once you do, it will instantly release the pressure.

Fortunately, this eclipse of June 5 in Sagittarius will be in a fire sign, and you are an air sign, and those two elements are very compatible. This suggests you will come out of this eclipse in better shape than most.

Mars and Neptune are in your sixth house of work projects, so the difficulty might come from co-workers or a subordinate or a chaotic atmosphere where some people have been laid off, and the ones remaining could be running in circles, unsure of what they are expected to do. Morale may be low now. If you notice an absence of leadership, confer with your boss, and if you like, rise to the occasion by providing it.

Your solar third house, ruled by Sagittarius, is where the June 5 eclipse will fall. It is an intellectual hub of the chart, where meetings are scheduled, contracts are negotiated, strategy is developed, and tactics are employed. With Neptune obscuring the path ahead, and Mars impatient, you’ll need to adopt a watch-and-wait attitude until matters settle down. You won’t be able to make sense of fast-moving events until the second half of July.

Layered over Neptune and Mars are the coming eclipses that will change the conditions you are dealing with now. If you sign an agreement based on past or present conditions, when those conditions change in ways you can’t yet anticipate (and some of them will), you may be sorry you acted so hastily. Take your time. You need to wait until all three eclipses have spoken before you make any fateful decisions.

Now, let’s move on to another area the third house rules—travel. You get intellectual stimulation from being out and about in the world, seeing friends, meeting new people, taking in culture, and exploring more of the world through travel. Libra is known to be the arbiter of taste, so you are certainly not a homebody. Staying in isolation does not please you in a way doing so would for, say, Scorpio, a sign that loves to have quiet time in solitude.

Alas, right now, staying in is the safest place to be. The eclipse of June 5 will find you dreaming of your next vacation to the day the health authorities will say it’s safe to fly. That could take time. Your third house is so activated for you to pack and go, which is why you’ll be aching to head out of town for a change of scene.

You might be able to take a drive into the country, to a lush and remote, private setting, and you may get a chance to do some sports—hiking, bike riding, running, or another solitary sport. I mention sports because Sagittarius, the place of the eclipse, is an active sign that promotes exercise. Knowing you, you will want to see friends in your new location, but that’s still risky because some people are carriers and are asymptomatic.

After the June 5 eclipse, you might want to check in with your brother, sister, or cousin, for one may have important family news to share. Don’t forget—call.

Neighbors also come under the part of your chart where the eclipse will fall, so do all you can to avoid a confrontation with those who live next door to you or in your apartment building. Neptune rules water, so if your neighbor has a pipe burst in her wall that turns out to affect your apartment too, remind yourself that it’s not your neighbor’s fault. This eclipse is a bit “hot,” so even an angry glance could set off Mars, a planet that would enflame the situation quickly. This month, the less said impulsively, the better.

This eclipse of June 5 is mutable, which is another plus. The mutable signs are Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo, all known to be highly communicative, resourceful, flexible, and adaptable. At eclipse time, we’ll have five heavenly bodies in the mutable signs of Pisces (2), Gemini (2), and Sagittarius (1)—the eclipse in Sagittarius gives this mutable sign’s worth more weight, but let’s leave it as is, and count it as one. We also have three planets in cardinal signs and two in fixed signs. A plethora of mutable planets at play at the time of the eclipse is easily remedied than if fixed signs predominated. Talk will surround you, and that’s a good thing— lots of talk will help you find the right answer from the many possible solutions you generate.

At the June 5 eclipse, something will end, and something else will begin. Not all eclipses deliver their news precisely at eclipse time, but I think this one will, due to the position of Mars. Watch June 5 to 10.

Fortunately, this eclipse of June 5 in Sagittarius will be in a fire sign, and you are an air sign, and those two elements are very compatible. This suggests you will come out of this eclipse in better shape than most. I can’t see everything in your natal chart, of course, so I cannot guarantee you will have an easier time than most, but from where I sit, it sure does look that way.

If your birthday falls on October 9, plus or minus five days, you have plenty of reason to believe matters will work out. The same is true if you have Libra rising at 16 degrees or the natal moon at 16 degrees. If you have a natal planet at 16 degrees (plus or minus five degrees) in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, that natal planet will light up in a very noticeable way, and you will likely receive news.

We have a new moon solar eclipse arriving on June 21 in cardinal sign Cancer at zero degrees, which will light your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement and open a new path toward a responsible position, better than the one you used to have, in the days and weeks following this eclipse. If you are working now, you may not be interested in changing jobs, but if one comes to you, investigate it. Events that happen at eclipse time tend to bring clues to your future, so you might like what is being offered.

The fact this eclipse is at zero degrees of the cardinal sign of Cancer is important—zero degrees is considered highly energetic, for this eclipse falls on the solstice—June 21. This eclipse means action, but we have to temper our expectations because currently we have (or will soon have at some point this month) six out of eight planets in retrograde. Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto are all in weakened states. The tempo of life will proceed slowly, but that could be good, for you will have time to follow your own agenda without being pulled off course.

This new moon will be the most important point of the year for your career and for you to find a new position. New moon solar eclipses have the strength and energy of three new moons rolled into one. Mars will still be orbiting conjunct Neptune, just like earlier in the month on June 5, so again, with Mars and Neptune causing confusion—for you, that’s in the workplace—you will need to be sure you understand how to proceed on a key assignment and that you and your client or boss are on the same page.

Fortunately, Neptune and Mars will be very friendly to Pluto and Jupiter at the time of the June 21 eclipse. This tells me that matters will work out quite successfully—and in the end, may bring substantial profit (as Jupiter and Pluto are known to do), as long as you go the extra mile to clarify precisely what VIPs are asking you to do.

To underscore that a misunderstanding or miscommunication could become problematic due to Neptune and Mars, there is another reason to keep summing up in writing what you understand needs to be done. Here is the additional reason to go the extra mile to be clear:

Mercury will retrograde this month from June 17 to July 12. Mercury is the planet of communication and intelligence, but when Mercury sleeps in retrograde—which he does three times a year for three-and-a-half-weeks—you enter a smoke-and-mirrors environment.

It is not wise to sign an important contract, lease, or other important paperwork during a Mercury retrograde period, nor is it wise to do so near an eclipse. Too much dust is kicked up by an eclipse to see the road ahead. Let the dust settle first, and resume activities after July 15 if possible. It’s not always possible—sometimes we have to grab the job, the apartment, or other opportunity before someone else snatches it up. In that case, if you do sign, the job, new residence, or other situation won’t likely be as long as you might assume. That might be okay with you. Finding a new job is easier if you already have one. If apartments are scarce, you may have to take a temporary apartment until you can find a long-term one you love. Do what you need to do, and weigh all the pros and cons.

If you need a new car, computer, smartphone, TV, kitchen appliance, or other product that has lots of electronics built in, either get it immediately (if you are desperate) or wait until after July 15 (leaving a space of days after Mercury goes direct). If you can, I would like for you to wait until July 15 or beyond, because after the retrograde, you will have better conditions, but only you would know what you need to do. August will be a very special month, so keep that in mind—one of the most normal months we have had since the first quarter of the year. Ha ha—when have I ever said a normal month will be a special month? Never! I laughed when I wrote that—but it’s true. You will love August.

Finally, the June 21 new moon solar eclipse will fall in your tenth house and associated work-a-day projects. This house also rules your health, in terms of the preventative measures you take to stay strong and healthy. A solar eclipse helps you start a new chapter and reminds you that you have a body you need to treat with care.

If you feel fine, it’s easy to forget we are dealing with a serious, deadly virus unlike anything we’ve experienced in our lives. Scientists are still learning about how it acts. Don’t let your guard down. Wear your mask and gloves, and keep a distance from others of at least six feet, even if your city is opening up. Authorities are opening up cities as all the planets go retrograde. I think we will have a lot of backtracking and reversing of decisions.

By October, I think we will need to shelter in place through mid-December, but I do also believe we might have a treatment by Christmas to help us move forward. (My intellect asks how is that possible? However, my math, looking at the planets, says otherwise.) When Jupiter and Pluto resume direct orbit in the middle of September and the first week of October, respectively, that’s when I suspect we will have a strong second wave.

The end of June will bring two upbeat dates. First, June 24 will bring your ruler, Venus, to direct speed, and that will help you see matters move a little faster. You will still have Mercury retrograde until July 12, but in a month like this, let’s celebrate every little piece of good news.

Don’t attempt to cut your hair yet, whether you’re a man or woman, and women, don’t do your own highlights—not with Venus retrograde until June 24!

Venus is in Gemini and now, going direct, will stay in that compatible air sign until August 7. You will feel most optimistic, and your charms will be more visible to others. If a friend or your sister introduces you to someone new over Zoom near the June 21 eclipse, things could click—be open to that!

The other piece of good news involves the meeting of Jupiter and Pluto on June 29-30. The meeting of these two planets happens every 13 years and usually indicates prosperity. This year, the prosperity triggered was government stimulus checks in the trillions in the U.S. There may be more money coming at this time. Both planets are retrograde and weak, and they won’t go direct until September 12 and October 4, respectively. If you hoped to get a break with a new place to live or to make an upgrade to your living quarters, the end of the month, June 29 or June 30, may be when it will happen.

Please Note: On October 1, 2020, there is a full moon in Aries 9º, not Aquarius 9º. We apologize for this error in our 2020 calendar.


You would normally schedule quick weekend travel in June. You’ve been working hard and would love to have a break from routine, and being in the house so much is difficult for you, because as a Libra, you are quite a social sign. Your urge to flee will be especially strong over the weekend of June 5-7 when a full moon lunar eclipse will have you feeling restless. That might not be the best idea if authorities are still urging you to stay at home. Listen to them for your own safety. Besides, taking any sort of risk during eclipse time is never a good idea—you will have no idea where the chips will fall as eclipses often bring unexpected developments.

A full moon lunar eclipse will arrive Friday, June 5, and might bring news about a sibling or cousin, or you could find yourself rushing to complete a communication project deadline. Mercury and Uranus will work together to bring you both brilliant ideas and a sudden opportunity to make an attractive one-time fee. Even if you didn’t want to work this summer—planning time off—this opportunity may be too good to pass up.

This June 5 eclipse will be in Sagittarius, a sign that blends well with your air-sign element. Eclipses bring change, often unexpected ones in rapid succession. You will need to remain flexible. As one project ends, a new one will quickly begin. Eclipses also tend to bring news to light that you’ve not been aware of until now, and this news might be surprising or even shocking.

You may be working on a contract or other document, and if so, you could enlist the help of your lawyer. Neptune and Mars will be in hard angle to the full moon lunar eclipse in your third house of agreements, so something in the contract that is missing or that you overlook could come back later to bite you. With Jupiter close to Pluto, a great deal of money could be at stake as a result of this agreement. Furthermore, Jupiter and Pluto will be in positive alignment to Mars, the energy planet, and to Neptune, the planet of creativity, so the job you will be offered or given will have an element of fun—a way to apply your stylish taste to create something new. Although eclipses almost always bring up unexpected news, you will likely come out of this one in good shape, even if you initially face an obstacle.

If you are currently out of work, or are in the workforce but don’t like your job and hope to find a new position, the new moon solar eclipse in Cancer will fall directly on the cardinal solstice on June 21 to offer more power, and it might bring up a fascinating new professional opportunity. The job may be a permanent position or a one-time project, but either way, you’ll likely be intrigued. The pay would be generous, and the job might involve these industries: real estate, hotel hospitality (or shelter), or food. These are industries that have been hard hit by the pandemic, but you seem to know a VIP who believes in your talents and feels you would be best for the job because you can find a way to engender interest. Show confidence.

Watch the news that you receive after June 21. Mercury, the planet of agreements, will start to retrograde on June 17 and continue until July 12. It appears that an influential person from your past will be the one who will unlock the opportunity, and if so, you can proceed. With another eclipse due next month in Capricorn on July 4-5, you would do best to communicate, investigate, examine, and negotiate now, but not fully commit until after mid-July, leaving a space of days beyond July 12.

Venus will be retrograde this month, a holdover from May 12, but will go direct on June 24. Venus is your ruler, so if you find that life seems to progress too slowly for your taste, it’s due to a debilitated Venus. Financial talks will go better after June 24, and overall, you will face fewer obstacles in June and fewer still from the end of July through August. Fortunately, Venus will be in harmony with your Libra Sun as this planet of love, beauty, and profit will be in Gemini until August 7, so your very best time for making your deal will be between July 15 (several days after Mercury goes direct) and August 7.

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