Libra Horoscope for June 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You might be able to take a drive into the country, to a lush and remote, private setting, and you may get a chance to do some sports—hiking, bike riding, running, or another solitary sport. I mention sports because Sagittarius, the place of the eclipse, is an active sign that promotes exercise. Knowing you, you will want to see friends in your new location, but that’s still risky because some people are carriers and are asymptomatic.

After the June 5 eclipse, you might want to check in with your brother, sister, or cousin, for one may have important family news to share. Don’t forget—call.

Neighbors also come under the part of your chart where the eclipse will fall, so do all you can to avoid a confrontation with those who live next door to you or in your apartment building. Neptune rules water, so if your neighbor has a pipe burst in her wall that turns out to affect your apartment too, remind yourself that it’s not your neighbor’s fault. This eclipse is a bit “hot,” so even an angry glance could set off Mars, a planet that would enflame the situation quickly. This month, the less said impulsively, the better.

This eclipse of June 5 is mutable, which is another plus. The mutable signs are Gemini, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo, all known to be highly communicative, resourceful, flexible, and adaptable. At eclipse time, we’ll have five heavenly bodies in the mutable signs of Pisces (2), Gemini (2), and Sagittarius (1)—the eclipse in Sagittarius gives this mutable sign’s worth more weight, but let’s leave it as is, and count it as one. We also have three planets in cardinal signs and two in fixed signs. A plethora of mutable planets at play at the time of the eclipse is easily remedied than if fixed signs predominated. Talk will surround you, and that’s a good thing— lots of talk will help you find the right answer from the many possible solutions you generate.

At the June 5 eclipse, something will end, and something else will begin. Not all eclipses deliver their news precisely at eclipse time, but I think this one will, due to the position of Mars. Watch June 5 to 10.

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