Libra Horoscope for June 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Mars and Neptune are in your sixth house of work projects, so the difficulty might come from co-workers or a subordinate or a chaotic atmosphere where some people have been laid off, and the ones remaining could be running in circles, unsure of what they are expected to do. Morale may be low now. If you notice an absence of leadership, confer with your boss, and if you like, rise to the occasion by providing it.

Your solar third house, ruled by Sagittarius, is where the June 5 eclipse will fall. It is an intellectual hub of the chart, where meetings are scheduled, contracts are negotiated, strategy is developed, and tactics are employed. With Neptune obscuring the path ahead, and Mars impatient, you’ll need to adopt a watch-and-wait attitude until matters settle down. You won’t be able to make sense of fast-moving events until the second half of July.

Layered over Neptune and Mars are the coming eclipses that will change the conditions you are dealing with now. If you sign an agreement based on past or present conditions, when those conditions change in ways you can’t yet anticipate (and some of them will), you may be sorry you acted so hastily. Take your time. You need to wait until all three eclipses have spoken before you make any fateful decisions.

Now, let’s move on to another area the third house rules—travel. You get intellectual stimulation from being out and about in the world, seeing friends, meeting new people, taking in culture, and exploring more of the world through travel. Libra is known to be the arbiter of taste, so you are certainly not a homebody. Staying in isolation does not please you in a way doing so would for, say, Scorpio, a sign that loves to have quiet time in solitude.

Alas, right now, staying in is the safest place to be. The eclipse of June 5 will find you dreaming of your next vacation to the day the health authorities will say it’s safe to fly. That could take time. Your third house is so activated for you to pack and go, which is why you’ll be aching to head out of town for a change of scene.

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