Libra Horoscope for June 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This part of your chart is very connected to the creation of written contractual agreements. (When you sign, it becomes a seventh house matter later, with promises made on both sides to one another.) With a lot of planetary energy trained on your third house, there is no doubt you will be consumed with fielding meetings and messages and also collecting and organizing details. The problem, however, is that Neptune and Mars will not be in a cooperative mood, and together, they will create a confusing atmosphere, a little like a fun house with distorted mirrors, twists, and turns.

Mars is the action planet, and Neptune is known to spark enormous creativity and vision, and both are helpful planets—but not when they are under difficult aspects. Mars can be impulsive and will prod you to get matters going quickly, but there are many crosscurrents at play this month, so being in a hurry to see progress would create havoc. Neptune, when under stressful aspects like those at play this month, is known to create fog that obscures facts and figures, causing confusion and general pandemonium.

Mars and Neptune will challenge the Sun and your ruling planet Venus, both in Gemini, and the full moon eclipse in Sagittarius. All these heavenly bodies are at 16 degrees, or within a degree, and that creates tension. Squares generally create an obstacle or impasse, so it will fall on you to find a way to resolve it. Once you do, it will instantly release the pressure.

Fortunately, this eclipse of June 5 in Sagittarius will be in a fire sign, and you are an air sign, and those two elements are very compatible. This suggests you will come out of this eclipse in better shape than most.

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