Libra Horoscope for June 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You may be working on a contract or other document, and if so, you could enlist the help of your lawyer. Neptune and Mars will be in hard angle to the full moon lunar eclipse in your third house of agreements, so something in the contract that is missing or that you overlook could come back later to bite you. With Jupiter close to Pluto, a great deal of money could be at stake as a result of this agreement. Furthermore, Jupiter and Pluto will be in positive alignment to Mars, the energy planet, and to Neptune, the planet of creativity, so the job you will be offered or given will have an element of fun—a way to apply your stylish taste to create something new. Although eclipses almost always bring up unexpected news, you will likely come out of this one in good shape, even if you initially face an obstacle.

If you are currently out of work, or are in the workforce but don’t like your job and hope to find a new position, the new moon solar eclipse in Cancer will fall directly on the cardinal solstice on June 21 to offer more power, and it might bring up a fascinating new professional opportunity. The job may be a permanent position or a one-time project, but either way, you’ll likely be intrigued. The pay would be generous, and the job might involve these industries: real estate, hotel hospitality (or shelter), or food. These are industries that have been hard hit by the pandemic, but you seem to know a VIP who believes in your talents and feels you would be best for the job because you can find a way to engender interest. Show confidence.

Watch the news that you receive after June 21. Mercury, the planet of agreements, will start to retrograde on June 17 and continue until July 12. It appears that an influential person from your past will be the one who will unlock the opportunity, and if so, you can proceed. With another eclipse due next month in Capricorn on July 4-5, you would do best to communicate, investigate, examine, and negotiate now, but not fully commit until after mid-July, leaving a space of days beyond July 12.

Venus will be retrograde this month, a holdover from May 12, but will go direct on June 24. Venus is your ruler, so if you find that life seems to progress too slowly for your taste, it’s due to a debilitated Venus. Financial talks will go better after June 24, and overall, you will face fewer obstacles in June and fewer still from the end of July through August. Fortunately, Venus will be in harmony with your Libra Sun as this planet of love, beauty, and profit will be in Gemini until August 7, so your very best time for making your deal will be between July 15 (several days after Mercury goes direct) and August 7.

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