Libra Horoscope for June 2019

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JUNE 2019

Dear Reader,

Do you believe in miracles? I do, and I found out that I am not the only one. Albert Einstein once said. “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” Albert Einstein said he chose the latter. My own life has been one of high contrasts, with very deep lows (especially in regard to my life threating birth defect and the many surgeries it took to get me well as a teenager), but I also have had the highest highs to celebrate. The contrast has made me grateful for every day I live—that was never a guarantee. I had to learn to walk again, and it took years.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You have lots of sparkling emphasis on travel this month, and with aspects so friendly, it would be wise for you to take full advantage. The new moon will arrive on June 3, in breezy, upbeat Gemini at 13 degrees. Gemini is an air sign like yours, so you will feel happy in your element. You will be thirsty for new experiences, so if you can go to a foreign country, that would be a wonderful choice. Jupiter will partner with this new moon and make your travel extra special, even luxurious and fun.

You can travel for pleasure or business. If you go for work, be sure you have a clear idea of what you need to accomplish with your client because Neptune will be in a challenging angle to the new moon, which could confuse you or cloud your judgement. Still, I would say go, for if you are alert and on top of the details, you could add a jewel to your crown. If you are going to travel for fun, be sure you have double-checked your accommodations ahead of time.

You will have other benefits from this new moon. If you can’t travel, you can start work on an international deal that involves the export or import of goods, services, artistic creativity, or ideas. Alternatively, an offer for a deal in a city far from you, such as the distance between New York and San Francisco, for example, could work out well. Other areas of gain include chances to work on a special project in broadcasting or publishing, a case where you would talk with college officials for admission as a student or for an opportunity as an instructor or professor, or when to write your thesis (and on what topic) or book a qualifying exam. Things should go well this month.

If your birthday falls on October 5, plus or minus four days, you will have a double dip of pleasure and luck from this June 3 new moon. The same is true if you have Libra rising 13 degrees or your natal moon in Libra 13 degrees—in both cases, allow a plus or minus five degrees. Also, look to see if you have a natal planet at 13 degrees Libra, Gemini, or Aquarius, plus or minus five degrees. If you find one, that planet will be very lit up and will help you this month.

Venus, your planetary ruler, will be in Taurus in fine angle to Pluto on June 2, so you may have luck with a real estate deal, whether you are buying, selling, or leasing a house, apartment, or vacation cottage.

Watch June 27 for wonderful, unexpected news about a windfall due you. It may arrive as a bonus, large commission, royalty, cash advance, licensing fee or other bundle of cash that you won’t expect. Your career will be on fire, so you’ll be smiling. …This same day, June 27, could bring an enchanting romantic experience quite unexpectedly, and a friend might be responsible for part of the fun.

The full moon on June 17 in Sagittarius, 26 degrees, will again have you yearning to be on the road, and again Jupiter, giver of gifts and luck, will be in orbit close to that full moon, considered a conjunction, an aspect of superb harmony. This full moon portends such great happiness for you. At the full moon you might be traveling much closer to home. Additionally, your sister, brother, or cousin may have exciting news within four days of this full moon to share—you will want to check in and hear all about what’s happening.

If your birthday falls on October 19, plus or minus four days, you will feel this home-related full moon the most. The same is true if you have Libra rising, your natal moon is at 26 degrees Libra, or if you have a natal planet in Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius at 26 degrees, plus or minus five degrees.

If you need to sign a contract at the full moon June 17 (or within four days of that date) and your lawyer says it is ready for your signature, sign—and don’t delay. This full moon is falling in your solar third house of contracts.

Your career seems to be going very well, and if you are looking for a job, this month would be a perfect time to interview for a top position. You have Mars in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievements, a place Mars took up last month on May 15. Mars will remain in this part of your chart until July 1. You seem to need a partner or expert to help you, such as a headhunter, job broker, agent, manager, publicist, business partner, or other professional, for one of these individuals would have the right contact.

Mars is currently in Cancer, the sign of family, so your parent, spouse, or another relative might have the right contact for you, too. Work hard on doing all you can to get your foot in the door of influential VIPs while you continue to have Mars’ support in June. Mars will make you assertive, confident, determined, and creative about convincing top people that you are qualified for the job. You will stand out, so look with a sense of purpose in June while you have Mars’ full attention in your solar tenth house of fame and honors.

There are two other reasons to interview in June rather than let meetings move to July. First, Mercury will retrograde from July 7 to July 31, a time when it will become harder for you to see progress. Key people will be out of town or hard to reach, and getting answers about what steps you will need to take next will also be hard to ascertain. In July, you will begin to see miscommunications, delays, and crosscurrents that Mercury is known to bring when out of phase. VIPs will be out of town or strangely indecisive. You will begin to feel those slowdowns two weeks prior to July 7.

I advise you not to act close to the date Mercury turns retrograde (July 7) when accepting a new job or signing papers. Also, avoid buying electronic items in July when Mercury is retrograde—you would be wise to buy your new computer, TV, earphones, or smart phone this month, or wait to buy those items in August.

The second reason to do your best to finalize plans in June is that we will have two powerful eclipses in July. The first will be a new moon solar eclipse in Cancer on July 2, and the second one, a full moon lunar eclipse, on July 16. Both eclipses will cut across your career and home-and-family sectors, so these areas are where you may hear news and see changes. You might want to consider being near home to see what messages the eclipses will bring.

Can an eclipse bring good news? Yes, especially a solar eclipse like the one on July 2, which is, of course, a new moon. Both eclipses will have Saturn prominent, suggesting many Libras will be taking on greater responsibilities at work and perhaps at home (for example, some may buy a house or take on the care of a beloved elderly relative). Next month I will discuss the coming eclipses in detail. The July 16 full moon lunar eclipse will point to a discussion that began earlier this year on the January 5 lunar eclipse in Capricorn and advance it to a new level—one that may not be easy to ignore.

If you want to know more about eclipses, you might want to read my essay on Astrology Zone’s homepage “All About Eclipses: A Guide for Coping with Them.” Here is the link,

This same essay is also on my award-winning app, Daily Horoscopes Astrology Zone + More by Susan Miller, available on Apple and Google Play. The app is free and once you have it, you have the option to trade up to the premium edition, which costs $4.99 for one month. The article is located under Life, Love + More, and then tap on Susan’s Essays. (Apple and Google take 30% of the cost of any app’s subscription service. You can stop your subscription after you have finished the length of your subscription, whether you chose one month, three months, or a year. Go to the app menu, Go Shopping for more details.)

Venus will move into Gemini on June 8 and stay until July 3, a great placement for Venus to enliven your love life. Whether you are attached or single, you will like this placement of Venus. You will have better luck in love, dear Libra, so start by looking for a new outfit to wear—having something new can be a great morale booster. Think about consulting your stylist about creating a different way to wear your hair, too.

Male readers—consider asking the person who cuts your hair for ideas to modernize your look. Perhaps you will want to grow a beard, change it in some way, or shave it off. When Venus is supportive, as Venus will be all month after June 8, you are likely to receive compliments.

As the month draws to a close, take special note of June 27, when the Sun and Uranus will be in perfect sync. This day could be so exciting for you! The Sun will be moving through your career sector, receiving exciting, electric beams from Uranus, the planet of all things unexpected. On this day you may nail a new position with excellent benefits. There is another possible way this wonderful day could work out—Uranus rules your fifth house of truelove, so it might be a very romantic day when surprises would abound. These possibilities are not mutually exclusive—you may enjoy both outcomes!


Your career is starting to heat up nicely—news is about to come to you now, and more news will surface in July. Active Mars recently entered your career sector and is stimulating your ambitions. If you are starting to feel that you know every little crack and bump in the sidewalk, having walked this side of the street for much too long, then it’s time to look for something new. Mars will give you the motivation to streamline your résumé and to be in touch with former bosses and clients you liked working with, as well as with headhunters and job brokers who can help you discover a position that will light your passions. Everything begins with your intention. Don’t overlook your spouse or family members as a possible source for tips or a special introduction.

In July, you’ll have two eclipses, and one, July 2, could easily propel you into a new career in a different setting. (If you want to stay with your current company you will likely be able to do so—inquire about the jobs that are opening that you might qualify for now.) There is some indication that you may be mulling over a residential move or an upgrade to your surroundings too, but those plans would be best acted on after the full moon lunar eclipse of July 16 has spoken. You will know where you stand by then.

Travel will beckon too, and this month it seems you will leave town for both work and fun. The new moon on June 3 will stimulate your wanderlust, so while you are thinking about the direction of your career, you might want to take a vacation so that you can muse about the best strategy to follow. You will be too busy with rapid career shifts in July to take time off, so while you can, buy your air ticket and spin your compass. Leave within the ten days that follow the June 3 new moon for the most fun. It looks like you’d love to visit a foreign country.

It’s alternatively possible that you will be traveling a long distance for work, but again, plan to go early in June—Mercury will start to retrograde in early July. Whenever Mercury goes retrograde, it is always wise to leave many days prior to its start, as you will start to feel the slowdowns that Mercury is so famous for as you edge closer to the end of June.

The full moon on June 17 will emphasize travel too, only this time, it appears you may spontaneously leave for a short, weekend getaway to investigate a sunny location you’ve never seen but always hoped to visit. You will be yearning for luxury too, and so you may be able to find an irresistible package at a five-star resort, quite unexpectedly. You will appreciate the time away to decompress, for certainly the second half of June will bring you many career demands and require you to make several important decisions.

A work assignment that you may be finishing now has had plenty of room for creativity. Neptune, planet of artistic expression, moving through your assignment sector, will continue to inspire you to reach higher to create something unique and special.

As the month draws to a close, watch June 27 for wonderful, unexpected news about a windfall due you. It may arrive as a bonus, large commission, royalty, cash advance, licensing fee, or other large bundle of cash that you won’t expect. Your career will be on fire, so you’ll be smiling. This money will come to you as a direct result of the career reputation you’ve built, experience you’ve gained, and leadership you’ve displayed. If self-employed, your money could stem from a prestigious client you land at month’s end.

This same day, June 27, could bring an enchanting romantic experience quite unexpectedly, and a friend might be responsible for part of the fun. You’ll be happy on this day, so don’t stay home. Be with friends, or if you have a truelove, book a divine dinner for two.

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