Libra Horoscope for June 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

In July, you’ll have two eclipses, and one, July 2, could easily propel you into a new career in a different setting. (If you want to stay with your current company you will likely be able to do so—inquire about the jobs that are opening that you might qualify for now.) There is some indication that you may be mulling over a residential move or an upgrade to your surroundings too, but those plans would be best acted on after the full moon lunar eclipse of July 16 has spoken. You will know where you stand by then.

Travel will beckon too, and this month it seems you will leave town for both work and fun. The new moon on June 3 will stimulate your wanderlust, so while you are thinking about the direction of your career, you might want to take a vacation so that you can muse about the best strategy to follow. You will be too busy with rapid career shifts in July to take time off, so while you can, buy your air ticket and spin your compass. Leave within the ten days that follow the June 3 new moon for the most fun. It looks like you’d love to visit a foreign country.

It’s alternatively possible that you will be traveling a long distance for work, but again, plan to go early in June—Mercury will start to retrograde in early July. Whenever Mercury goes retrograde, it is always wise to leave many days prior to its start, as you will start to feel the slowdowns that Mercury is so famous for as you edge closer to the end of June.

The full moon on June 17 will emphasize travel too, only this time, it appears you may spontaneously leave for a short, weekend getaway to investigate a sunny location you’ve never seen but always hoped to visit. You will be yearning for luxury too, and so you may be able to find an irresistible package at a five-star resort, quite unexpectedly. You will appreciate the time away to decompress, for certainly the second half of June will bring you many career demands and require you to make several important decisions.

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