Libra Horoscope for June 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Venus will move into Gemini on June 8 and stay until July 3, a great placement for Venus to enliven your love life. Whether you are attached or single, you will like this placement of Venus. You will have better luck in love, dear Libra, so start by looking for a new outfit to wear—having something new can be a great morale booster. Think about consulting your stylist about creating a different way to wear your hair, too.

Male readers—consider asking the person who cuts your hair for ideas to modernize your look. Perhaps you will want to grow a beard, change it in some way, or shave it off. When Venus is supportive, as Venus will be all month after June 8, you are likely to receive compliments.

As the month draws to a close, take special note of June 27, when the Sun and Uranus will be in perfect sync. This day could be so exciting for you! The Sun will be moving through your career sector, receiving exciting, electric beams from Uranus, the planet of all things unexpected. On this day you may nail a new position with excellent benefits. There is another possible way this wonderful day could work out—Uranus rules your fifth house of truelove, so it might be a very romantic day when surprises would abound. These possibilities are not mutually exclusive—you may enjoy both outcomes!


Your career is starting to heat up nicely—news is about to come to you now, and more news will surface in July. Active Mars recently entered your career sector and is stimulating your ambitions. If you are starting to feel that you know every little crack and bump in the sidewalk, having walked this side of the street for much too long, then it’s time to look for something new. Mars will give you the motivation to streamline your résumé and to be in touch with former bosses and clients you liked working with, as well as with headhunters and job brokers who can help you discover a position that will light your passions. Everything begins with your intention. Don’t overlook your spouse or family members as a possible source for tips or a special introduction.

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