Libra Horoscope for July 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Your chart has been lighting up like a pinball machine lately, with the emphasis on family, home, and career. Last month, on June 5, you also might have been thinking of getting out of town, as you had a full moon lunar eclipse that may have given you a need or longing to take a short trip. That eclipse fell in Sagittarius, a new family of signs. (In five months, you will have another eclipse, November 30 in Gemini, and a new moon lunar solar eclipse on December 14, again in Sagittarius. You may again able to take a short trip to enjoy fresh air in the country in a peaceful, isolated setting, not that you wouldn’t be able to at other times before then, only that conditions will be more favorable at an eclipse in Sagittarius.)

The solar eclipse, a new moon on June 21, was in Cancer at zero degrees, and that eclipse was important for you. All eclipses bring change, and they also require swift adjustments. This one affected those Libras born September 23-27. You may have lost your job, been asked to take a lower salary, or you may have been asked to take on a double role—yours plus the duties of a person who had been recently let go.

At the time of the solar eclipse last month, June 21, Mars was challenging the Sun, new moon solar eclipse, and Mercury. At the same time, you had some good vibrations, too. Your ruler, Venus, was well positioned to Saturn, which means you may get a job sooner than you suppose, and it would be one that would provide you with a comforting sense of security. Saturn works to stabilize your life, and the skills you picked up at your last job would help you now and in the future.

Let’s talk about Venus for a minute because Venus is your ruling planet, and her job is to take good care of you. Part of her job is to present opportunities that are clearly in your interest.

You were hampered over the past two months because Venus was in her rare retrograde period from May 12 to June 24. This happens every 18 months for 40 days, or a little under six weeks. Finally, Venus is ramping up again, but just like a person who has been in a long, deep sleep, Venus will need time to reorient herself. She will be fully back to her energetic self by August 6.

Don’t feel badly that it will take another month for Venus to be back to her former peppy self. You’d have to wait for her brother Mercury to get back to normal anyway since he is currently retrograde, too. Mercury started to retrograde on June 17 and will turn direct on July 12. So many planets have been retrograde since June or before—Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, and Jupiter, all of which will continue sliding backwards for a while—in addition to Mercury and Venus, which turned direct in June 24.

It may help to know that we more strongly feel the retrogrades of planets that orbit closest to earth, namely Venus, Mars, and Mercury. This situation of most planets retrograde has made it hard for you to make any kind of substantial progress at home or at work.

Mercury will be back to his old self beginning July 26. (Mercury is a spry little planet, so he gets up to speed faster than Venus can.) As said earlier, although Venus went direct late last month, she won’t be back to her energetic self until August 6.

In the meantime, you can do research on various companies that you might want to pitch for a job or develop business with—it will be the perfect time to do so. The more research you do, the more knowledgeable you will appear when you contact them.

You may see a breakthrough in your finances on the July 4-5 eclipse as a side benefit, thanks to Uranus’ position in your eighth house of other people’s money.

I have learned that the universe works on its own timetable, not yours or mine, not that of governments or companies. That sounds obvious, but once you see that to be true, you deal better with delays and difficulties. Sometimes, we feel the universe moves us forward too quickly, and other times, we feel we are not moving at all. Right now, you may be anxious for a more settled career condition, as well as a secure living situation. That seems possible now—be patient, interesting developments will unfold this month.

Notwithstanding the plethora of retrograde planets, you have the eclipses to push you forward into completely different situations now, especially regarding your career and your home living situation. If you are tired of the same old routine and feel stuck, that won’t be the case for long.

Turning to this month, the full moon lunar eclipse of July 4-5 in Capricorn at 14 degrees will culminate a decision you will make about your living situation. After this eclipse, you won’t have another dramatic aspect like this one in this part of your chart (fourth house of home) until January, when you’ll have a new moon (not an eclipse) in Capricorn. I feel this eclipse on July 4-5 will bring you some options you might like.

Not all Libras want to change apartments. Some want to buy or sell a house or condo, rent a vacation home, sell property, paint, do repairs, renovate, buy new furniture, or generally re-decorate. Others will want to help a family member (more about that later). Any or all of these goals are now possible with the advent of the July 4-5 eclipse.

If you need an apartment, one may show up now. On the other hand, if you are thinking of moving back home until you find a new job, you will do so with great haste, and no one would blame you—why spend money on rent if you clearly don’t have an income? Eclipses usually give us a reason to act rapidly.

The problem is Mercury will be retrograde until July 12, so if you do move in early July, it looks to be a temporary, stop-gap solution. That may be okay with you—sometimes we need a solution now. In that case, you can keep many of your items packed or possibly in storage.

As I mentioned earlier, the July 4-5 eclipse might alternatively bring news about a family member, and if so, most likely it would concern your mother or father or a person you think of as your mother or father, say, if you were adopted. Astrologers always look first to those who gave you life, or those who cared for you as a child. If not one of those individuals, then we go to grandparents, and then if there’s no news about one of them, to a member of your immediate family that you see frequently or feel close to. If you were adopted and have been looking for your birth mother or father, this eclipse could help you find one another.

This July 4-5 eclipse is mixed, so let’s take the downside first. Mars is now in Aries, a sign it entered on June 27, and will stay until January 6, 2021. Mars is opposed to your Sun, so if you have a birthday that falls in September, you are feeling Mars in that position. You probably feel you are not in full control of your life right now and that others have the upper hand. If this is true for you, the only way forward is to cooperate with others and listen to their opinions, ideas, and advice.

At work, VIPs will now question ideas you contribute, even if they’ve always loved what you had to say. You will think that is odd and wonder if there is something in their drinking water to make them act so weirdly skeptical. No, that’s often the way it is when you have Mars opposition the Sun. Okay, no problem—Libra, of all signs, works best in a partnering two-some cooperative situation.

At this eclipse, Mars will challenge the transiting Sun in Cancer and at the same time, 180 degrees across the sky, Mars will challenge the full moon in Capricorn. Clearly your career situation is directly affecting your living situation and vice versa. Many people feel this, but you are noticing this to be true quite vividly. Mars will bring competition for the job you want, for the job is a good one, and its glitter will affect many. You have the aspects to win it, though, so keep going and hold you head high.

When you feel your career is uncertain (I am not saying it is, but I am seeing that you might think that it is), that brings up financial considerations. The good news is you will likely shine financially. On the July 4-5 eclipse, the sweetest gift of all is that Uranus, planet of surprise, will send a golden beam to the moon, giving you a surprise solution of where to live, or if you already love where you live, see more money come in.

You may see a breakthrough in your finances on the July 4-5 eclipse as a side benefit, thanks to Uranus’ position in your eighth house of other people’s money. You may get a large commission, bonus, inheritance, tax refund, valuable gift (possibly of cash), or other windfall. Uranus is pointing to your home sector, so you may get a mortgage at a remarkably attractive rate, a home improvement loan, or you may sell things you don’t need online, allowing you to see a happy influx of money you can put toward something else. In fact, you may even list your space to movie scouts to use as a location or rent out your spare room to a part-time tenant.

More money will allow you to enact the plans you have to make your residence more beautiful and enticing. With more money, you may be able to rent or buy a vacation home. If, on the other hand, you are looking to sell, you’ll finally have the aspects you need to find the right buyer—and things will proceed swiftly. The best part about this friendly aspect from Uranus is that it seems you will also get the money you need to fix up your home if you want to stay where you are now. Uranus here will be your friend. You will see—good surprises will come.

Now, as promised, let’s turn to your career prospects, which will be highlighted later, from the days that follow the new moon July 20. The July 20 new moon is not an eclipse but a normal new moon. That said, it’s a strong new moon with a lot of crosscurrents. Nevertheless, whether you are discussing a promotion or new duties and a better title, in your present company or a different company, the options you find would represent a step-up to an impressive, bigger title, and you will have more power and responsibility.

It is unusual to have two new moons in a row in the same sign to light the same part of your chart, but that’s what is happening in June and July. Last month’s new moon eclipse on June 21 in Cancer at zero degrees affected those Libras born September 23-27, and now we have a new moon in Cancer, July 20, which will most affect those Libras born October 19-22. Last month’s new moon wasn’t perfect—I wrote about the drawbacks to the June 21 eclipse last month—and neither is this month’s new moon.

Note: you can always see last month’s forecast on Astrology Zone online. When reading my current report, look for the blue box at the bottom of each screen that says View Previous Month. On my app, swipe left when reading my monthly forecast on the free or premium (subscriber) version—my uncut monthly forecast appears on both. You will see the arrow on top of your smart phone screen to swipe left. My app is called Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone + More by Susan Miller and is found on the Apple App Store and Google Play. You should absolutely get the free version at the very least—easier to navigate and read, and ironclad secure.

Last month’s June 21 solar new moon eclipse was generally helpful for your career. If nothing much happened, you will have another chance this month after the July 20 new moon, and you and I will get to that later.

The July 20 new moon is a bit more difficult than the one last month, and if you have my 2020 Astrological Calendar that I sell on my site, you already saw what I wrote about it.

In the days that follow the July 20 new moon, you will be very aware of how hard it will be to juggle both career and changes in your residential life at the same time. Demands on you from VIPs and family or from people working in your home will provide a cacophony of voices, and you may not know which way to turn. At this point, your career will be more pressing.

Saturn will play a key role, and its current position opposing the transiting Sun is a heavy aspect. You will have to be practical and present your qualifications in a realistic way. When you give references, make sure the person you name will be willing to give you an unqualified boost—you could have someone who will cast doubt on you, so be careful. Saturn is associated with past actions. If your record is that you have nothing to worry about, fine, but if you do have something you’d like to keep hidden in the past, make sure your references are on board with that need.

Pluto will also oppose the Sun and new moon, so you will have to deal with a demanding, egotistical person. If you have to sign a contract this month, especially after July 20, you may be dismayed to see how one-sided the contract is, favoring only the other side, and it may seem there is no attempt by the other party toward fairness. You will need a lawyer to adjust the language, and of course, you should wait until after Mercury is out of retrograde (July 12, but wait a few days longer) to put your signature on the document.

Good-fortune Jupiter is orbiting with Saturn and Pluto and will help as best he can, and indeed, he may soften the situation to some extent by partnering with the Sun and new moon. He seems to be outflanked by Pluto and Saturn, but his presence is significant and very much of a good luck charm.

Your best aspect at this time of the month will involve Neptune’s sparkling beam to Jupiter, a feature of 2020, as this is rare and will encourage your creativity quite a bit. Neptune and Jupiter first met this year on February 20, and they will meet again on July 27. Both will be in retrograde, so this conjunction will be the weakest one but still helpful to you, and their last meeting will come October 12, 2020.

After that, both Neptune and Jupiter will go their separate ways. If you are in a creative field or support creative people, such as if you are an agent, producer, manager, creative director, or in any other role that has you interfacing with artist types, you will do well at this new moon.

Next month will be vastly better, but we first need to see what messages the eclipses will deliver, and we cannot plan until we know. Eclipses all have a second act, so sometimes we feel an eclipse was terrible when it really helped our progress—keep an open mind. In July, we have to watch and listen—August will provide a calmer atmosphere and a blank canvas on which to paint your future.

Please Note: On October 1, 2020, there is a full moon in Aries 9º, not Aquarius 9º. We apologize for this error in our 2020 calendar.


Your focus on your home residence and family will continue in July. You have come through two eclipses, June 5 and June 21, and now we have the last one, due July 4-5 in Capricorn. Eclipses always bring surprise news, so you may get notice of a new apartment or house that has become available that you could move into quickly, and it will come at the right price. Be ready for the offer, for it will arise suddenly. This will be a full moon eclipse, so you’d have to voice your decision instantly or risk having the opportunity evaporate. The same is true if you are looking for a new piece of furniture. Be careful, however, as Mercury is retrograde now—wait until after July 12, and leave a space of days from that date.

Sometimes, news of an eclipse is not always welcome, so for example, you could hear that your landlord is selling the building and all the tenants will need to move. We have to factor that possibility into the mix, too. Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will be in your home sector and close enough to the eclipse to give you a shot of luck in the eleventh hour.

Changes are going on at work too, so you may feel temporarily overwhelmed by the demands that have been put on you at work and at home. This is not the first time you’ve felt this way, and now with more life experience, you can handle whatever comes up.

The new moon of July 20 is a tough one for everyone and will bring changes and the need for adjustment to a new situation—in your case, it will be at work. A new moon opens a new path or situation, and this time, management will be announcing changes. If you are not currently in the work force, you may now get an offer to interview quickly for a job. That offer will likely come up after the July 20 new moon. Whether you are working now or not, any new role you move into now will come with considerable power and responsibility.

As I said, Mercury will remain retrograde until July 12 (Mercury started to go retrograde last month on June 17). It would not be the right time to sign a lease or contract, and certainly not a good time to close on a house, as it appears information you need would likely be missing. Having said that, the world is in a crisis, so if you need a new apartment, go ahead and sign the lease—you can always move again later. Buying a house or condo presents more serious implications—in that case, if you go ahead with the closing, factor in problems that are likely to come up at the closing or later, after you live in the house. You may not mind—this all depends on your circumstances and plans for the future. Generally, it’s best to wait a few days until after Mercury retrograde ends, July 12, to close.

Saturn will oppose the Sun and new moon on July 20, so keep an eye on the health of your mother and father, particularly in terms of their bones, teeth, and the care of knees, skin, and eyes. (All these parts of the body are ruled by Capricorn, where Saturn is, and Saturn rules Capricorn.) One of your parents may need your assistance but will be too shy to ask—keep your schedule light after the new moon of July 20 appears so that you can lend a hand if needed.

Saturn opposed to the moon will bring all your past work into focus. Be sure to represent yourself accurately and that your references will support you fully. The job you are taking now or moving into if you are staying with your present company will be considerable. At the start, you may feel a bit overwhelmed, but you will grow into it.

Mars has moved into your partnership sector, so in addition to all that is going on for you, which, as you see, will be considerable, you will be very focused on a partner. This person might be your spouse or live-in sweetheart, or it may be a person in business with whom you share a serious one-on-one collaboration. In the latter case, this person might be your accountant, lawyer, agent, manager, publicist, banker, real estate broker, business partner, decorator, or other person you work with on an equal basis.

If you are living with your romantic partner in quarantine, you may find that a lot of togetherness is too much of a good thing. You need space, and Mars in Aries might bring out this need, if indeed, you feel this way. A different way Mars can act is to bring out quite a bit of passion for one another, and that would be fun, no doubt about it.

Mars normally stays in one sign for six weeks, for with a planet as energetic as Mars, that is more than enough time to create a transformative experience, or in this case, to create a new chapter in your relationship. This year, though, Mars will remain in your partnership house for six months, having entered on June 27 and will remain until January 6, 2021.

During this time, you may grow very close to your partner, but of course, Mars is a warrior planet, so you may find more than the usual amount of disagreements with your partner. If this happens, it could be due to the quarantine and the need for more space—not necessarily due to incompatibility. In the coming months, allow your partner a little leeway, and don’t jump to quickly on a slight you might feel from your partner.

If you are working with another business associate toward forming a partnership, finish up the deal in the first three weeks of August as Mars will go retrograde September 9 to November 13. You won’t be able to completely sidestep the effects of Mars retrograde—you will find you’ll need to tweak questions that come up during that time—but if you solidify your relationship in August, you will likely be on firm footing.

If you are looking for a new job, Mars in your seventh house will attract competitors. This is normal—you seem to be going after a great job, so it’s natural it would attract other applicants. You have an excellent chart for getting a new position, thanks to the eclipses. Sometimes we have to leave a position to get the better one—this could be true for you. You may have already been offered an interesting job, but if not, keep looking—you will be lucky.

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