Libra Horoscope for July 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

In the days that follow the July 20 new moon, you will be very aware of how hard it will be to juggle both career and changes in your residential life at the same time. Demands on you from VIPs and family or from people working in your home will provide a cacophony of voices, and you may not know which way to turn. At this point, your career will be more pressing.

Saturn will play a key role, and its current position opposing the transiting Sun is a heavy aspect. You will have to be practical and present your qualifications in a realistic way. When you give references, make sure the person you name will be willing to give you an unqualified boost—you could have someone who will cast doubt on you, so be careful. Saturn is associated with past actions. If your record is that you have nothing to worry about, fine, but if you do have something you’d like to keep hidden in the past, make sure your references are on board with that need.

Pluto will also oppose the Sun and new moon, so you will have to deal with a demanding, egotistical person. If you have to sign a contract this month, especially after July 20, you may be dismayed to see how one-sided the contract is, favoring only the other side, and it may seem there is no attempt by the other party toward fairness. You will need a lawyer to adjust the language, and of course, you should wait until after Mercury is out of retrograde (July 12, but wait a few days longer) to put your signature on the document.

Good-fortune Jupiter is orbiting with Saturn and Pluto and will help as best he can, and indeed, he may soften the situation to some extent by partnering with the Sun and new moon. He seems to be outflanked by Pluto and Saturn, but his presence is significant and very much of a good luck charm.

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