Libra Horoscope for July 2020

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Now, as promised, let’s turn to your career prospects, which will be highlighted later, from the days that follow the new moon July 20. The July 20 new moon is not an eclipse but a normal new moon. That said, it’s a strong new moon with a lot of crosscurrents. Nevertheless, whether you are discussing a promotion or new duties and a better title, in your present company or a different company, the options you find would represent a step-up to an impressive, bigger title, and you will have more power and responsibility.

It is unusual to have two new moons in a row in the same sign to light the same part of your chart, but that’s what is happening in June and July. Last month’s new moon eclipse on June 21 in Cancer at zero degrees affected those Libras born September 23-27, and now we have a new moon in Cancer, July 20, which will most affect those Libras born October 19-22. Last month’s new moon wasn’t perfect—I wrote about the drawbacks to the June 21 eclipse last month—and neither is this month’s new moon.

Note: you can always see last month’s forecast on Astrology Zone online. When reading my current report, look for the blue box at the bottom of each screen that says View Previous Month. On my app, swipe left when reading my monthly forecast on the free or premium (subscriber) version—my uncut monthly forecast appears on both. You will see the arrow on top of your smart phone screen to swipe left. My app is called Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone + More by Susan Miller and is found on the Apple App Store and Google Play. You should absolutely get the free version at the very least—easier to navigate and read, and ironclad secure.

Last month’s June 21 solar new moon eclipse was generally helpful for your career. If nothing much happened, you will have another chance this month after the July 20 new moon, and you and I will get to that later.

The July 20 new moon is a bit more difficult than the one last month, and if you have my 2020 Astrological Calendar that I sell on my site, you already saw what I wrote about it.

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