Libra Horoscope for July 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

At this eclipse, Mars will challenge the transiting Sun in Cancer and at the same time, 180 degrees across the sky, Mars will challenge the full moon in Capricorn. Clearly your career situation is directly affecting your living situation and vice versa. Many people feel this, but you are noticing this to be true quite vividly. Mars will bring competition for the job you want, for the job is a good one, and its glitter will affect many. You have the aspects to win it, though, so keep going and hold you head high.

When you feel your career is uncertain (I am not saying it is, but I am seeing that you might think that it is), that brings up financial considerations. The good news is you will likely shine financially. On the July 4-5 eclipse, the sweetest gift of all is that Uranus, planet of surprise, will send a golden beam to the moon, giving you a surprise solution of where to live, or if you already love where you live, see more money come in.

You may see a breakthrough in your finances on the July 4-5 eclipse as a side benefit, thanks to Uranus’ position in your eighth house of other people’s money. You may get a large commission, bonus, inheritance, tax refund, valuable gift (possibly of cash), or other windfall. Uranus is pointing to your home sector, so you may get a mortgage at a remarkably attractive rate, a home improvement loan, or you may sell things you don’t need online, allowing you to see a happy influx of money you can put toward something else. In fact, you may even list your space to movie scouts to use as a location or rent out your spare room to a part-time tenant.

More money will allow you to enact the plans you have to make your residence more beautiful and enticing. With more money, you may be able to rent or buy a vacation home. If, on the other hand, you are looking to sell, you’ll finally have the aspects you need to find the right buyer—and things will proceed swiftly. The best part about this friendly aspect from Uranus is that it seems you will also get the money you need to fix up your home if you want to stay where you are now. Uranus here will be your friend. You will see—good surprises will come.

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