Libra Horoscope for July 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Saturn will oppose the Sun and new moon on July 20, so keep an eye on the health of your mother and father, particularly in terms of their bones, teeth, and the care of knees, skin, and eyes. (All these parts of the body are ruled by Capricorn, where Saturn is, and Saturn rules Capricorn.) One of your parents may need your assistance but will be too shy to ask—keep your schedule light after the new moon of July 20 appears so that you can lend a hand if needed.

Saturn opposed to the moon will bring all your past work into focus. Be sure to represent yourself accurately and that your references will support you fully. The job you are taking now or moving into if you are staying with your present company will be considerable. At the start, you may feel a bit overwhelmed, but you will grow into it.

Mars has moved into your partnership sector, so in addition to all that is going on for you, which, as you see, will be considerable, you will be very focused on a partner. This person might be your spouse or live-in sweetheart, or it may be a person in business with whom you share a serious one-on-one collaboration. In the latter case, this person might be your accountant, lawyer, agent, manager, publicist, banker, real estate broker, business partner, decorator, or other person you work with on an equal basis.

If you are living with your romantic partner in quarantine, you may find that a lot of togetherness is too much of a good thing. You need space, and Mars in Aries might bring out this need, if indeed, you feel this way. A different way Mars can act is to bring out quite a bit of passion for one another, and that would be fun, no doubt about it.

Mars normally stays in one sign for six weeks, for with a planet as energetic as Mars, that is more than enough time to create a transformative experience, or in this case, to create a new chapter in your relationship. This year, though, Mars will remain in your partnership house for six months, having entered on June 27 and will remain until January 6, 2021.

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