Libra Horoscope for July 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Your chart has been lighting up like a pinball machine lately, with the emphasis on family, home, and career. Last month, on June 5, you also might have been thinking of getting out of town, as you had a full moon lunar eclipse that may have given you a need or longing to take a short trip. That eclipse fell in Sagittarius, a new family of signs. (In five months, you will have another eclipse, November 30 in Gemini, and a new moon lunar solar eclipse on December 14, again in Sagittarius. You may again able to take a short trip to enjoy fresh air in the country in a peaceful, isolated setting, not that you wouldn’t be able to at other times before then, only that conditions will be more favorable at an eclipse in Sagittarius.)

The solar eclipse, a new moon on June 21, was in Cancer at zero degrees, and that eclipse was important for you. All eclipses bring change, and they also require swift adjustments. This one affected those Libras born September 23-27. You may have lost your job, been asked to take a lower salary, or you may have been asked to take on a double role—yours plus the duties of a person who had been recently let go.

At the time of the solar eclipse last month, June 21, Mars was challenging the Sun, new moon solar eclipse, and Mercury. At the same time, you had some good vibrations, too. Your ruler, Venus, was well positioned to Saturn, which means you may get a job sooner than you suppose, and it would be one that would provide you with a comforting sense of security. Saturn works to stabilize your life, and the skills you picked up at your last job would help you now and in the future.

Let’s talk about Venus for a minute because Venus is your ruling planet, and her job is to take good care of you. Part of her job is to present opportunities that are clearly in your interest.

You were hampered over the past two months because Venus was in her rare retrograde period from May 12 to June 24. This happens every 18 months for 40 days, or a little under six weeks. Finally, Venus is ramping up again, but just like a person who has been in a long, deep sleep, Venus will need time to reorient herself. She will be fully back to her energetic self by August 6.

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