Libra Horoscope for July 2019

A Note from Susan Miller

July 2019

Dear Reader,

This will be a big month, for we have two major eclipses, one July 2 in Cancer, and the other July 16 in Capricorn. Eclipses are a big deal in astrology, because they are the most dramatic tool the universe uses to shake us awake and create instant change. If you know your rising sign, read for that sign as well, for both forecasts would apply to you, and you will have a 360-degree picture of the month ahead.

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July will be an important month where you will want to move forward and make decisions, but the planets won’t cooperate—they will set roadblocks to deliberately slow you down. You’ll have to be patient, but delays will benefit you, a truth you will see later, in hindsight, as you move a little beyond July.

The eclipses are back, and they will almost instantly change your priorities and plans. That’s why you should not assertively press forward—the cosmos is kicking up a lot of dust, and it will be impossible to see the new picture shaping up until everything settles down.

The first eclipse will arrive July 2 as a total eclipse of the Sun in Cancer, 11 degrees, which is a very strong new moon. This one will spark a new career opportunity, and if you took a job last month or investigate an offer this month, you will soon find it would be a prestigious step up. Uranus, the planet of surprise, will send a golden mathematic beam to the total eclipse of the Sun and new moon in your prestigious tenth house of honors, awards, and achievements.

It is very likely you are landing an exciting new position or starting a smart and savvy new venture. The job on the table seems to be enviable with a surprising potential for very generous compensation, especially if you agreed to a performance-based system of payment, such as through bonuses, commissions, royalties, or licensing fees to supplement your salary. If you are self-employed, you appear to have a great idea that will be lifting off the ground soon. The harder and smarter you work, the more successful you will be, and the more money you’ll make. Not all positions are like that—some are all glory but no money, or lots of money but no prestige. This one has both.

Saturn will oppose the Sun and new moon solar eclipse, so you will work very hard. That is not bad—with Saturn, you keep what you earn for the rewards will not be ephemeral. Saturn opposed to the Sun could give you concern over your health, or more likely, a parent’s health. This shows the condition but not the outcome as my mother would say. The outcome is in the hands of the fine doctors you would interact with if you or a family member do not feel well. It is clear you have been under strain lately and may need more rest.

Mars and Mercury, both in your eleventh house of hopes and wishes, will be at odds with Uranus in your eighth house of income, so you might have to convince your spouse that taking the job would be a good idea. (You can talk anyone into anything, dear Libra—your charm is your secret. Who could say no to you?) Alternatively, if you have a partner in a new venture, have long talks about your ideas and point of view as you get close to the debut. You must not assume you are on the same page yet. You might be—you have to find out for sure, but stay optimistic.

You had a similar set of eclipses 19 years ago on July 1, 2000, and July 16, 2000. Can you recall anything that happened back then? The other planets will have changed positions, so no events can ever be replicated exactly in time or space. Still, if you can glean a general theme, it might be echoed now with the July eclipses.

Mercury will be retrograde throughout July. Although Mercury won’t turn retrograde until July 7, to last until July 31, you are already too late to sign papers. You started to sense the onset of Mercury’s scrambled thinking as early as June 20. Put off signing all documents until August 6, and avoid buying a machine or product with moving parts this month, whether you need a computer, smart phone, vacuum cleaner, or car. Wait—you will be glad you did.

One facet of Mercury retrograde will be welcome. This month, Mercury will retrograde in Leo, your house of friendship, for part of the time, which means you will likely run into at least one old friend, and it will be exciting to see one another and catch up.

The full moon lunar eclipse is next, July 16, in Capricorn 24 degrees, and will be the emotional moment of the month. This will be a more difficult eclipse, as it falls in your home sector and will accent your home, other property you might own or rent, or your parents or certain older family members. With Saturn in your fourth house of home, it appears that your home has started to feel too small, that you require more space. You might want to browse websites with photographs of apartments or houses so you will have an idea of how much you’d have to spend if you move.

What concerns me most about this eclipse is that unpredictable Uranus will send a harsh, jarring beam to Venus on July 16, which could send shock waves through you. Keep checking in with your parents to be sure your mother and father are in good health. If a parent is not feeling well, see if he or she would consent to go to the doctor if you came along.

Alternatively, your landlord could inform you that he has just sold the building and that you will have to move within a certain amount of time. (That exact situation recently happened to a young woman I know who lives in Los Angeles. The landlord offered her a sum to help with moving expenses. Although shocked, she quickly found a beautiful new apartment for a similar rent that was much bigger and sunnier—it turned out to be a blessing.)

Keep in mind that you can feel an eclipse one month to the day earlier (10% of the time—that would have been June 16) or one month to the day later (15% of the time—that would mean you’ll need to watch August 16.) Most people (75%) will feel the news on the date of the eclipse. In all cases, allow a plus or minus four days. Look back at last month to see if anything came up mid-month on the topics I am discussing here for you, for you may have already felt the eclipse.

You had a similar set of eclipses 19 years ago on July 1, 2000, and July 16, 2000. Can you recall anything that happened back then? The other planets will have changed positions, so no events can ever be replicated exactly in time or space. Still, if you can glean a general theme, it might be echoed now with the July eclipses.

You may feel tension, pulled between the demands of higher-ups at work and family members who are depending on you at home. Or, if family is not on your mind, your concern might be about what to do about your residence, a vacation home, or other property you hope to rent or buy, or already have, and want to fix up. You will handle the lunar eclipse fairly well, despite initial jitters, because your ruling planet is Venus, and thankfully, she is beautifully positioned in your chart.

Specifically, Venus will be shining like a brilliant beacon at the very pinnacle point in your chart. Venus will be in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievements and will have you popular with VIPs and subordinates alike. Everyone will want you in their corner and on their team.

Neptune, the planet of artistic expression, will send a sparkling beam to Venus so that you will be given a way to showcase your talents and expertise. Neptune is moving through your sixth house of work projects, so he will set up a direct link between what you do at your desk—superb, original work—and your rising status in the company and possibly the industry at large.

Mars will move through your friendship sector all month and into next month, until August 17, so in your off hours, you’ll have a vibrant social life. In fact, it is likely that so many invitations may wind up on your social calendar that you could worry that the cost of keeping up will raise the balances on your credit cards too high. With Uranus in harsh angle to the Sun and new moon on July 31, your concern might be justified. It’s a nice problem to have—too many parties, so loved by friends and being so popular. We all want to be you! You will find the right balance, because that’s precisely what you do, dear Libra.

Continuing with the lively theme the moment July opens with Mars is the new moon on July 31, also in your friendship sector, which will be powerful for the start of August. You might want to join a professional or social club so you will have a place to go where you can work quietly alone on your laptop or socialize at club meetings in the evenings. If you join a charity or humanitarian effort, you are likely to feel a new sense of purpose, for this new moon, July 31, and the week that follows will allow the right situation to surface.

Jupiter, the good fortune planet, will dispel the pressure you’ve dealt with on some days in July by being in fine angle to the Sun and new moon in Leo, nine degrees, on July 31 (not an eclipse). Jupiter is in your third house of travel, so you may be plotting a getaway soon, over the weekend of August 3-4, a good time to go. If you would rather go in July, consider going for a long weekend from July 25 to July 28, your best days of July to leave town to travel with a friend or to see one.

Your ruler is Venus, and that gives Venus more importance to your chart. Venus will move to Leo too, on July 27, ensuring a happy August to come.


Changes in your career, coming soon, are due to be massive. The new moon solar eclipse on July 2 in Cancer will set the ball rolling. Keep your phone powered up so that you can answer the surprise call when it arrives. The news should be exciting and welcome, so be at home base this month, not on vacation, and look your best. Saturn will directly oppose this new moon, so any new position you discuss or accept would give you considerable influence and power in your industry and also come with great responsibility. You are likely to work long hours, so factor that into the salary you will negotiate. There may be some confusion about what you must do for the compensation offered—make sure you read the fine print and understand every detail.

Mercury will retrograde in your career sector, so it would not be wise to make a major decision about whether to accept a new position this month. Mercury won’t go direct until July 31, so put off decisions until next month, specifically August 7 or August 21. If you accepted the position last month (in June) you will be in good shape. You will spend July getting oriented to your new duties and new faces you’ll be interacting with.

This will be a pivotal month, for you are also likely to see major changes at home as a result of the July 16 eclipse in Capricorn. Saturn will oppose Venus, your ruling planet, so you may find the developments going on at home will require much of your attention. Mars will be in hard angle to Uranus at the time, so you seem to have to write a large, unexpected check, possibly to help a parent who needs you. Or, you may need to address a large repair that you never anticipated. If you are moving, it goes without saying how expensive that can be. However, you may have planned for this possibility, for it seems your present apartment has been getting tight.

Friends are about to play a larger than usual role in your life this month, and that will be comforting, for they will offer an oasis of relaxation and fun in a busy month. You will immediately start to see your social life perk up, and you’ll be more in the mood to socialize. Mercury retrograde may bring at least one old friend into your life unexpectedly, and that will be thrilling—it will be fun catching up.

This trend will gain more speed once you get to the month’s second new moon, July 31, when four heavenly bodies in Leo will brighten your eleventh house of friends, fun, and festivities. This will open a portal of ten days, meaning that the first half of August will be a magical time to socialize, and your calendar will fill to the brim. You will likely be invited to a luxurious group event or party that appears to be filled with plenty of merriment.

This same area of your chart being energized by four heavenly bodies, your eleventh house, also rules hopes and wishes, so something you’ve dearly wanted may suddenly materialize now. This is exciting!

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