Libra Horoscope for July 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This will be a pivotal month, for you are also likely to see major changes at home as a result of the July 16 eclipse in Capricorn. Saturn will oppose Venus, your ruling planet, so you may find the developments going on at home will require much of your attention. Mars will be in hard angle to Uranus at the time, so you seem to have to write a large, unexpected check, possibly to help a parent who needs you. Or, you may need to address a large repair that you never anticipated. If you are moving, it goes without saying how expensive that can be. However, you may have planned for this possibility, for it seems your present apartment has been getting tight.

Friends are about to play a larger than usual role in your life this month, and that will be comforting, for they will offer an oasis of relaxation and fun in a busy month. You will immediately start to see your social life perk up, and you’ll be more in the mood to socialize. Mercury retrograde may bring at least one old friend into your life unexpectedly, and that will be thrilling—it will be fun catching up.

This trend will gain more speed once you get to the month’s second new moon, July 31, when four heavenly bodies in Leo will brighten your eleventh house of friends, fun, and festivities. This will open a portal of ten days, meaning that the first half of August will be a magical time to socialize, and your calendar will fill to the brim. You will likely be invited to a luxurious group event or party that appears to be filled with plenty of merriment.

This same area of your chart being energized by four heavenly bodies, your eleventh house, also rules hopes and wishes, so something you’ve dearly wanted may suddenly materialize now. This is exciting!

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