Libra Horoscope for July 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Continuing with the lively theme the moment July opens with Mars is the new moon on July 31, also in your friendship sector, which will be powerful for the start of August. You might want to join a professional or social club so you will have a place to go where you can work quietly alone on your laptop or socialize at club meetings in the evenings. If you join a charity or humanitarian effort, you are likely to feel a new sense of purpose, for this new moon, July 31, and the week that follows will allow the right situation to surface.

Jupiter, the good fortune planet, will dispel the pressure you’ve dealt with on some days in July by being in fine angle to the Sun and new moon in Leo, nine degrees, on July 31 (not an eclipse). Jupiter is in your third house of travel, so you may be plotting a getaway soon, over the weekend of August 3-4, a good time to go. If you would rather go in July, consider going for a long weekend from July 25 to July 28, your best days of July to leave town to travel with a friend or to see one.

Your ruler is Venus, and that gives Venus more importance to your chart. Venus will move to Leo too, on July 27, ensuring a happy August to come.


Changes in your career, coming soon, are due to be massive. The new moon solar eclipse on July 2 in Cancer will set the ball rolling. Keep your phone powered up so that you can answer the surprise call when it arrives. The news should be exciting and welcome, so be at home base this month, not on vacation, and look your best. Saturn will directly oppose this new moon, so any new position you discuss or accept would give you considerable influence and power in your industry and also come with great responsibility. You are likely to work long hours, so factor that into the salary you will negotiate. There may be some confusion about what you must do for the compensation offered—make sure you read the fine print and understand every detail.

Mercury will retrograde in your career sector, so it would not be wise to make a major decision about whether to accept a new position this month. Mercury won’t go direct until July 31, so put off decisions until next month, specifically August 7 or August 21. If you accepted the position last month (in June) you will be in good shape. You will spend July getting oriented to your new duties and new faces you’ll be interacting with.

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