Libra Horoscope for July 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You had a similar set of eclipses 19 years ago on July 1, 2000, and July 16, 2000. Can you recall anything that happened back then? The other planets will have changed positions, so no events can ever be replicated exactly in time or space. Still, if you can glean a general theme, it might be echoed now with the July eclipses.

You may feel tension, pulled between the demands of higher-ups at work and family members who are depending on you at home. Or, if family is not on your mind, your concern might be about what to do about your residence, a vacation home, or other property you hope to rent or buy, or already have, and want to fix up. You will handle the lunar eclipse fairly well, despite initial jitters, because your ruling planet is Venus, and thankfully, she is beautifully positioned in your chart.

Specifically, Venus will be shining like a brilliant beacon at the very pinnacle point in your chart. Venus will be in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievements and will have you popular with VIPs and subordinates alike. Everyone will want you in their corner and on their team.

Neptune, the planet of artistic expression, will send a sparkling beam to Venus so that you will be given a way to showcase your talents and expertise. Neptune is moving through your sixth house of work projects, so he will set up a direct link between what you do at your desk—superb, original work—and your rising status in the company and possibly the industry at large.

Mars will move through your friendship sector all month and into next month, until August 17, so in your off hours, you’ll have a vibrant social life. In fact, it is likely that so many invitations may wind up on your social calendar that you could worry that the cost of keeping up will raise the balances on your credit cards too high. With Uranus in harsh angle to the Sun and new moon on July 31, your concern might be justified. It’s a nice problem to have—too many parties, so loved by friends and being so popular. We all want to be you! You will find the right balance, because that’s precisely what you do, dear Libra.

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