Libra Horoscope for July 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Saturn will oppose the Sun and new moon solar eclipse, so you will work very hard. That is not bad—with Saturn, you keep what you earn for the rewards will not be ephemeral. Saturn opposed to the Sun could give you concern over your health, or more likely, a parent’s health. This shows the condition but not the outcome as my mother would say. The outcome is in the hands of the fine doctors you would interact with if you or a family member do not feel well. It is clear you have been under strain lately and may need more rest.

Mars and Mercury, both in your eleventh house of hopes and wishes, will be at odds with Uranus in your eighth house of income, so you might have to convince your spouse that taking the job would be a good idea. (You can talk anyone into anything, dear Libra—your charm is your secret. Who could say no to you?) Alternatively, if you have a partner in a new venture, have long talks about your ideas and point of view as you get close to the debut. You must not assume you are on the same page yet. You might be—you have to find out for sure, but stay optimistic.

You had a similar set of eclipses 19 years ago on July 1, 2000, and July 16, 2000. Can you recall anything that happened back then? The other planets will have changed positions, so no events can ever be replicated exactly in time or space. Still, if you can glean a general theme, it might be echoed now with the July eclipses.

Mercury will be retrograde throughout July. Although Mercury won’t turn retrograde until July 7, to last until July 31, you are already too late to sign papers. You started to sense the onset of Mercury’s scrambled thinking as early as June 20. Put off signing all documents until August 6, and avoid buying a machine or product with moving parts this month, whether you need a computer, smart phone, vacuum cleaner, or car. Wait—you will be glad you did.

One facet of Mercury retrograde will be welcome. This month, Mercury will retrograde in Leo, your house of friendship, for part of the time, which means you will likely run into at least one old friend, and it will be exciting to see one another and catch up.

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