Libra Horoscope for July 2018

A Note from Susan Miller

JULY 2018

Dear readers,

I feel we all live in our heads so much of the time that when we are faced with a circumstance that forces us to acknowledge that we really do have a body to care for, it sometimes comes as a bit of shock. I suppose if you are an athlete and reading this, you are laughing at me. It’s true, as an astrologer and a writer, I spend most of my days thinking.

When I was wheeled to the outside of the operating room on the morning of June 12, wearing the special blue paper surgical gown and shower cap to cover my hair, it occurred to me that some things in life have to be faced straightforwardly, and gone through by ourselves without help. I feel these experiences make us stronger and also more compassionate of others.

Yet, then I thought about how lucky I was – so many of you, dear readers, said you would send a prayer for me when I posted on Twitter and Facebook that I was about to have an operation. You responded so warmly, far beyond my expectations, and it made my heart swell. Thank you so much.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This month will ask you to focus on your personal life. Late last month, on the full moon, June 27, you started to think deeply about your living quarters. With Saturn there, a place this teacher-taskmaster planet entered on December 23, 2017, to stay until December 2020, your space might be starting to feel a bit too tight.

Finding a new space might seem like an extreme measure, and one that you might feel overwhelmed to even think about right now. There are a variety of topics that may have come up aside from moving – talks could have centered on the idea of investing in a vacation home, for example, or the idea of renovating your kitchen or bath. Or, you may be trying to help a parent in a more substantial way, as our parents come under the domain of the fourth house, too. Whatever happened, you are opening a discussion that will take time to sort out, and likely continue into 2019. As you begin July, you might be thinking about what you decided at that full moon that came by last month on June 27.

All kinds of lifestyle changes involve spending money. The good news for you in 2018 is that you are likely to find a lucrative pipeline to cash very soon. If you are sitting there reading this, I can hear you say, “Actually this has not been the best year for money. I need more!” Jupiter has been retrograde since March 8, 2018 but will turn direct now on July 10. You will start to feel the sunny effects of Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, growth, and financial expansion, slightly earlier than June 10, as soon as July 5.

July 5 will be the best day of the month. Jupiter is now in your earned income sector and will signal the Sun in your tenth house of prestigious career developments. July 5would be a sterling day to have a job interview, to make a presentation, or to begin a big project that will launch in September. I expect you will be very excited by how well things go on this day, for not only will the position you are talking about or entering be exciting, but the compensation is likely be generous, too.

This is eclipse season, and the first one will arrive as solar eclipse, a new moon, in Cancer at 21 degrees, on July 12. This eclipse will light your tenth house of fame and honors. A solar eclipse usually opens a new opportunities, so you may hear of an offer quite quickly after this eclipse appear. A new moon eclipse has a very long tail, and will set up a trend that can last a long time, from six to twelve months. So much depends on what you do this month, to show the universe your intent, for I feel you would likely hear about a job opportunity you would be right for almost immediately.

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