Libra Horoscope for January 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Quick travel will be possible this month, and if you can go away a short distance, your trips may act as the perfect way to retain balance and clarity in a sometimes stressful month. The only time not to go would be near or on the eclipse, January 20, which might bring up too much to do – you’ll want to stay home. You will be able to handle all that comes up – you had a similar eclipse on January 20, 2000, precisely 19 years ago.

Eclipses tend to continue discussions and bring them to an advanced level with each subsequent eclipse. This one, January 20, seems to continue discussions that occurred last year, on July 27, or near the solar eclipse, August 10, two weeks later. At this time, you will have final closure. After this, there will be no more eclipses in Leo or Aquarius again until 2026-2028. That’s why your friendships and love life should settle down after this and not bring so many surprising changes.

One of the two sweetest days of the month will be January 22, when Venus, your guardian planet, will make a rare alignment with Jupiter, the planet of happiness. Make the most of this magnificent aspect. Take a trip for business or pleasure, sign a contract, make an important sale, and plan to connect with your sister or brother to hear good news.

Your second wonder day will be Friday, January 25, when Mars and Jupiter are in exceptional harmony, and action leads to happiness. Mars will remain in your partnership house, and Jupiter, in your third house of travel. You’ll find this is the time to leave town for a weekend getaway and include Friday, January 25, if possible. The transiting moon will be in Libra, making this last weekend of the month extra special.

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