Libra Horoscope for January 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You do have several good days this month to balance out some of the stressful moments regarding your home or family and also your friendship situation.

Your first special day will occur on Friday, January 18, when Venus, your ruler, and Mars sync up in a highly romantic, sweet alignment. Venus will be in Sagittarius, a fire sign, and Mars will be in a fire sign, too – Aries – with both planets blending beautifully together with your Libra air-sign Sun. Mars will be in your committed partnership sector, and Venus will be in your travel sector. If you have to travel a short distance with your business partner, this is the day to go, for all will go smoothly. Even though this is a classic aspect for love, this date falls too close to the eclipse January 20, so I feel you should not plan a getaway for this weekend. You will need to be home to think through what you need to do.

Two days later, January 22, you do have a remarkably rare day, when Venus and Jupiter combine forces and will meet in your short-distance travel sector. This day holds goodies on many fronts. You can schedule a face-to-face meeting with a business client with superb results – you are likely to come home with the order, for when Jupiter is involved, profits usually follow.

You can benefit from your sibling on January 22, or you may hear of your sibling’s victory on this day. This also would be a good day for a quick, short trip, especially for business, but it could be for any reason. Sometimes after a stressful time, it’s nice to board a train and go to a nearby city, book a hotel room, visit a museum exhibit, see an old friend, order room service, and generally chill out. You might want to do that on January 22, and no one would blame you. 

You have one other special day due, January 25, when Mars and Jupiter will send golden beams to each other. This day is very special, because Mars is all about acting courageously, and Jupiter brings happiness, growth, and profit. On this day, your actions are likely to lead to solid financial results.


With Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, the Sun, and new moon solar eclipse of January 5 all crowded into your fourth house of home, change is coming. All change requires adjustment – even good news. If you have to move, you will be in luck, for the January 5 eclipse will help you find a suitable space. New moon eclipses often open opportunities, and this one is no exception, so make a start on your home or property-related plans. Rarely will you have powerful planetary energy like this to help you.

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