Libra Horoscope for January 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

If you are not upset with a friend, it might be that she is moving away and being eclipsed out of your life, making you sad to see her go. Or, it may be that your friend needs your help, as she is going through a difficult patch in life.

It is never wise to announce a big move or decision on an eclipse, so it might be handy to remember this rule: react, but do not initiate. The cosmos will be kicking up a lot of dust, and it will be hard to see the road ahead. Be patient as information unfolds. If your birthday falls on September 23-27, you will feel this eclipse more directly than most Libras.

Because it’s a full moon, it would be all too easy to speak your mind, but you might want to wait a few days until the environment is less emotional. If you feel you have reached the end of this friendship, so be it – this happens, especially if you feel your friend has betrayed you or has been acting in an unacceptable way. The point is, make sure you’ve taken the time to think things through. 

I want to mention something special here – Uranus, which has been retrograde since last August 7, will go direct this month on January 6. Uranus rules your fifth house of new and truelove, so your love life will improve after Uranus goes direct. If you wish to conceive a baby but have had problems, you will see that fertilization should go better. Be careful to choose the right days to have an in vitro procedure – I like the days that follow the new moon next month, February 4. (You have nearly two weeks after the new moon appears, so maybe your natural cycle will work with the new moon.) You will have other bonuses from the turn of Uranus direct – you will see matters related to the care of children you have now, no matter what their ages, to be much improved. Also, this same house rules your self-expression, so creative projects will move ahead much more smoothly, and that is sure to please you, too.

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