Libra Horoscope for January 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

If your home seems to be feeling small, you might declutter by gathering items to give a charity thrift shop. Or, you may be redoing your closets, so you can better organize your possessions. Saturn in the fourth house, where you are hosting this planet, is likely to make your home seem smaller than ever, so you may feel you need to move or take steps to give yourself more space. 

Neptune, the planet of artistic creativity, will be wonderfully oriented toward the eclipse, so if you are working on a design project or simply refreshing your home with new accessories, paint on the walls, and other small changes for your home or vacation home, your timing could not be better. Neptune will help you make beautiful design choices.

It is never wise to announce a big move or decision on an eclipse, so it might be handy to remember this rule: react, but do not initiate. The cosmos will be kicking up a lot of dust, and it will be hard to see the road ahead.

Libra is the sign of marriage, and you value the opinion of your significant other, but this month, your partner seems not to be on your page, and if anything, is critical of you and does not seem to agree with your home-related plans or results. You’ll find this is a temporary situation, but it’s adding to your overall dissatisfaction with how things are going. Don’t let this disturb you – keep going, for you do seem to have a vision of what you’d like to achieve.

If you live alone and need a roommate, you might be able to find a suitable roommate after the new moon solar eclipse, January 5, and in the days and weeks to follow.

You may be hosting a family member in your guest room for several days after January 5, for Uranus (the planet of surprise) will contact Mercury (the planet of news), now based in your home sector. Uranus will be friendly, so whatever news you receive in early January seems to be welcome. Perhaps one of your relatives (possibly in-laws or an aunt or uncle) will come to town and need a place to stay. I know you have been under strain over the holidays, but you will want to go all out to help your visiting relative.

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