Libra Horoscope for January 2018

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This will be a month of great progress, especially in terms of your career, home, and family where apparently you are making a number of decisions. While you might feel tense at times, most likely because you are doing so much in short order, it will feel good to be so productive.

The month begins with a brilliant super moon on January 1-2 of the New Year, shining in your tenth house of career like a beacon, at the very pinnacle point of your chart. Within four days of this date, you will likely get some sort of very happy professional news. If you are starting a new job, it represents a big step up – this would be no lateral move. Although this full moon is all about your reputation in your industry and your rising status, you seem to have considered your family’s needs and feelings in the decision to take it. It is also possible that if you are staying in your current company that you will receive some enviable publicity at this time. This is just a glimmer of a theme that will grow bigger by mid-month, so stay with me.

This full moon of January 1-2 brings a golden triangle of harmony to various planets in the night sky, specifically linking the full moon to fortune Jupiter and energetic Mars, both orbiting now in your second house of earned income. This is especially lucky as you seem to have been spending a lot more money than usual lately, and you may have been alarmed at the outgo. This month you should see a good sum of money come back to you. The third leg of the triangle will connect the full moon to Neptune in your sixth house of work projects.

Neptune’s involvement with the January 1-2 full moon could mean the work you do will be highly creative, or, alternatively, be tied to furthering a charitable or philanthropic cause. In addition, Venus and the Sun will be conjunct Pluto, indicating that VIPs will love your work, and that a friend may have recommended you to at least one high level person. Finally, Neptune and Venus will be in sync, dusting this full moon with glamour and fun. Perhaps you will want to go out and celebrate the positive start to 2018 – yes, you should!

Later that week, on January 5 and 6, Jupiter, the great giver of gifts and luck, will align in mathematical precision with active Mars in your house of earned income. What a wonderful day to hear sensational financial news! Pitch a client, negotiate a salary for a new position, or ask for a raise. You can also easily pick up a lucrative side job – the world is your oyster at this time, dear Libra. Jupiter and Mars will not align in Scorpio again until November 24, 2053, so this aspect is as rare as diamonds and just as valuable.

By Monday, January 8, things will be heating up again when it comes to your financial outlook, and Jupiter in Scorpio in your financial house, will be contacted by the mighty Sun in an outstandingly friendly way. At the same time, Venus, your ruler, will also be in conversation with Jupiter on your behalf. When you’re hot, you’re hot, dear Libra. These aspects certainly do hold the promise to help you financially with a home situation that appears to be about to come up soon.

Let’s talk about that for a moment. It appears you have become nearly obsessed about looking for a new place to live, and your timing is perfect. You must look in early January, for on January 8 the pieces of your puzzle will start to fall into place. Moving requires money, and so does the purchase or rental of a new space, and if you are making any of these lifestyle changes soon, it will be comforting for you to know the money you need will be there for you. No need to worry!

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