Libra Horoscope for September 2023

Your September Horoscope for Libra

Your twelfth house, being accented on September 14 and for weeks ahead, also rules confinement, privacy, and rest as well as hospitals, rehab centers, physical therapy centers, and other places of healing, so that will be a good time to reach out to a doctor if you feel the need.

You may interact with medical personnel in the second half of September, either for yourself or on behalf of a friend or relative. Indeed, it is a good time to attend to physical or psychological matters this month. You are getting ready for your new birthday year, and you will want to enter it in top shape. If a family member is dealing with a medical matter, you may help by contributing your cheer and also to be your loved one’s medical advocate (every patient needs one).

Make appointments for your own annual medical checkup, routine screenings, blood tests, and blood pressure reading. Neptune is active this month, so if tests don’t add up or bring a solid diagnosis, get a second opinion. Also, see your eye doctor and dentist. If you want to see a therapist to give up a substance that is hurting your health or to get a new perspective on any psychological matter, after the new moon is the time to do it. You’ll have very encouraging planets, and I would like you to take advantage of them.

There is another way you can use this September 14 new moon. The twelfth house also rules secrets, and if anyone tried to withhold information from you, the new moon would bring that secret up to the surface like a geyser during the second half of September. This includes things going on behind the scenes—any information being held by a co-worker, colleague, business partner, collaborator, or the management, a secret of a friend or member of your family, or actions of a sweetheart or spouse. Anything that the universe feels you should know about will be presented to you.

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