Libra Horoscope for September 2023

Your September Horoscope for Libra

Now let’s talk about the full moon that arrived last month on August 30 in Pisces, 7 degrees. This full moon arrived orbiting close to Saturn, the planet that teaches us life lessons and the value of dealing with life’s events in a realistic and practical way. That full moon arrived August 30 and will have an area of influence that will extend to September 4. It fell in your sixth house of work-a-day projects, the people you interact with at work, the tools your use, and the place where you work, with an emphasis on team members and subordinates, but not VIPs.

This full moon was conjunct Saturn. Sometimes Saturn conjunct a full moon is good—you make a commitment that you are ready to make, and you will stick to your promise—the matter will have great longevity. Other times, we pay a price for a mistake we made or are criticized for an action we took, but in any case, it seems the misstep is fixable. You can acknowledge the error and show regret, but also confidence that you can do better. As you enter September you may still be thinking about the news it brought and how you would like to respond to any question it might have brought up.

This same house rules your health and all the steps you take to stay healthy. It looks like a creative or complex project was finishing up, and because you spent a lot of time on it, you may feel unusually low in energy and in need of sleep. That’s a common feeling with a full moon in the sixth house, so give in to it.

Neptune was a key planet at the August 30 full moon, and happily, Uranus, the planet of surprise, reached out to Neptune in a very supportive way. Uranus is in your financial house, so in the first week of September, you may get a check from someone, or even the government, that you didn’t expect but that you surely will be happy to receive.

Now let’s look at the new moon of September 14 in Virgo at 22 degrees. It holds a number of treasures, benefits, and opportunities for you.

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