Libra Horoscope for September 2023

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Your Horoscope for Libra

Whenever Mercury retrogrades, I always ask you not to sign agreements, if possible, and to wait, but some readers wrote saying they were worried that they would lose an opportunity if they didn’t sign. If, for example, you would lose the dream apartment or perfect job, then you have to sign the contract.

I hope you have made it a habit to always consult your lawyer at the time you need to sign papers. And when Mercury is retrograde, it becomes ever more vital that you do. Mercury will continue to retrograde until September 15, so communication will continue to become fogged, and it would be all too easy to sign papers with clauses that are unfavorable to you or that could even put you in jeopardy.

It is also never wise to buy electronics during these periods—Mercury rules the moving parts in all machines, including the electronic chips that create the spark. If an electronic item is going to show wear and tear, it will usually do so during a Mercury retrograde period. My computer printer just died. I will wait to buy a new one until after Mercury goes direct on September 15. (Luckily, I have spare printer, but I always like to have two of everything that I use every day—I will get a new printer later this month.)

We are close to Mercury moving direct, and I would suggest you wait the few extra days—until the second half of the month—before resuming anything you had hoped to do, even though Venus is turning direct September 3. I would like to see both planets moving in forward direction. Venus and Mercury both orbit close to earth, so their influence is strong. Wait, if you can, until after September 15 to resume normal activities. If you need elective surgery, and there is no downside to waiting, then wait, but if the surgery is urgent, do it immediately.

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