Libra Horoscope for September 2023

Your September Horoscope for Libra

I had asked you not to have a first date during Venus retrograde either because first meetings either don’t go well or else cool off quickly, leaving you wondering what happened.

Now Venus will go direct on September 3, and happily, Venus will be in Leo, a sign that blends beautifully with yours. Having your ruling plant moving assertively direct will make all the difference to your spirit, energy, and productivity in coming days. Venus only retrogrades every 18 months, so you have an open road with blue skies and sunshine, free of road blocks.

I will admit that Mercury is still retrograde, however, and this particular Mercury retrograde period has been tough on everyone, for Mercury has been in Virgo, the sign it rules. That means this retrograde is stronger than usual, making the haywire effects that so often occur during a Mercury retrograde period more frustrating. If you felt like you were on a hamster wheel going around and around but getting nowhere fast, that’s understandable. (You see now that having Venus AND Mercury retrograde was a double whammy, the reason why you might have been feeling frustrated.)

Your finances are looking up, and you may get a surprise influx of money—if you have not yet discovered you are a money magnet this year, you soon will.

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