Libra Horoscope for September 2023

Your September Horoscope for Libra

The new moon on September 14 in Virgo will give you a needed break. Mid-month will be a time of quiet reflection and planning. You won’t want a heavy social schedule, so take a break and hibernate for a week—do this after the new moon in Virgo appears on September 14

Life will go better in the second half of the month because Mercury will finally be moving in direct orbit, and you will feel the tempo of life pick up noticeably. Neptune will oppose the Sun and new moon, clouding facts, so take a week to think through a plan and to do research before announcing a big decision. Your mood will be buoyant and optimistic, even though you are expressing these feelings in a subtle, quiet way. This new moon will be energizing your creativity, so spend time alone, and work on your craft.

By the way, your finances are looking up, and you may get a surprise influx of money—if you have not yet discovered you are a money magnet this year, you soon will.

Your spouse, steady sweetheart, or alternatively, your business partner, agent, lawyer, or other close collaborator will have important news to share with you at the full moon September 29 (plus five days). It’s due to be exciting news that will affect you positively too, simply because you both are so close. Mars will be in charge of that full moon, and Mars in Libra is in close contact with Venus. Mars and Venus go together like cup and saucer—better together, always, and Venus is associated not only with love and beauty but also money.

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