Libra Horoscope for September 2023

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Your Horoscope for Libra

It appears you truly needed all hands on deck, but your company may have been streamlining staff and not hiring anyone new, a possible reason so much work fell to your shoulders. Or you may not have had enough help simply due to staff vacations. If you did have staff at their desks, they may have been a little cranky or distracted because they were wishing they were on vacation—not at work. Oh goodness! No wonder so much was put on you to get things done.

Still, you have some wonderful planets on your side. Mercury’s big brother Mars, the energy planet, just entered Libra last month on August 27 for the first time in two years and will stay until October 11. This is great news. Having Mars in your sign is a great privilege that happens for approximately six weeks every two years. Mars in Libra suggests you are setting off on a new venture or exciting relationship, and your plans will be further boosted by the positive, helpful new moon of September 14.

You will command attention with Mars in Libra, so if you ever felt a little invisible, that won’t be the case now. Mars is known to add to your attractiveness, and your profile will rise. At work, your passion for all you believe in will rally others to your side. The seeds you plant now will carry you forward for two years and pay you dividends along the way. It’s a special period, so take it seriously—in many ways, right now you are at the front of the class, the leader of the parade, and the one everyone wants to get to know, support, and follow.,

The recent eclipses in April and May seem to have made you more determined to make money from a new source, and it appears by now you’ve found it. If you say you haven’t, keep looking, as you can and will find a new source soon.

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