Libra Horoscope for September 2023

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Your Horoscope for Libra

You are starting September on a very lyrical note. Mars is now in Libra, having first entered for the first time in two years late last month on August 27, putting you in the role of leader of the parade. Having Mars in Libra is a major advantage, for Mars will give you presence, warmth, courage, determination, and a will to succeed professionally. On a social level, Mars can also make you more attractive, confident, and magnetic. Others will be drawn to you, rally around your ideas, and follow you wherever you go.

In matters of romance, you will find it is easier to meet new people, and as a result, your social life should now start to expand. If you ever felt a little invisible (we all do from time to time), you won’t feel that way with Mars in your sign. You will have this lovely privilege of Mars in Libra from now until October 11.

There is more good news. If you found recent months a bit weird and unproductive, it is because Venus has been retrograde since July 22. But she will go direct September 3. Venus rules Libra and also governs many of the enjoyable parts of life: beauty and good looks, the cultural arts and music, luxury and romance, and pure fun. I had advised you that during Venus retrograde you should avoid making any effort to dramatically improve your looks, such as visiting your dermatologist for fillers or Botox or seeing your cosmetic dentist about veneers or orthodontic work, and to put off visiting your salon stylist to get ideas for a dramatically different haircut or color. (To be clear, regular grooming was fine to do, such as hair trim. The key was not to make dramatically different changes.)

Venus also rules high-priced gems like diamonds and sapphires, and I said to wait until Venus goes direct if you are in the market for expensive jewelry. Venus rules luxury, so if you refrained from going to a luxury spa or booking time in a multi-star hotel, you were right to wait.

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