Libra Horoscope for September 2022

Your September Horoscope for Libra

Venus will be in Virgo almost all month, but on September 29 move into Libra, to remain in your sign until October 23. That alone gives you lots to look forward to next month.

Romantically, your very best time of the month will be over the weekend of September 17-18. Venus will be trine surprise-a-minute Uranus precisely on Monday September 19, and this lovely aspect will be felt over the preceding weekend as the aspect builds. That weekend sparkles, so make good use of it!


September starts slowly and quietly, for the new moon in Virgo, the most hidden portion of your chart, occurred on August 27 and will affect you in early September. You seem to crave rest and privacy, and if you already took time off, you may feel you need a vacation after your vacation. Alternatively, you may be feeling that summer went by too quickly, like water running through your fingers. If you do feel that way, think of what is coming!

Libra is the one sign tied closely to society and culture. Museums and theatre are just starting to move into full swing, new fashions are being shipped, and what lies ahead are all kinds of gatherings as everyone settles back into routine.

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