Libra Horoscope for September 2022

Your September Horoscope for Libra

Let’s talk about Mars. Mars entered Gemini last month, August 20, and will remain in Gemini straight through March 25, 2023. That is a period of seven months, much longer than the usual six weeks that Mars normally spends moving through a sign. Mars will always energize any house he visits, and fortunately for you, this time Mars will be in a supremely favorable house—your ninth house—fellow air-sign Gemini in perfect angle to your Sun.

Your ninth house is an intellectual house where you take in information, debate information, and also disperse information. It rules higher education, the court system, and publishing and broadcasting, including the Internet, podcasts, and the like. The ninth house also rules international travel—the ancient astrologers felt that travel was the best education of all, where we come to understand people of different ethnicities, religions, and cultures. Of course, they were right. Under international travel comes international relationships, say, when you work regularly with a foreign company but where you are not required to live in that country or even to visit it (for any reason). As an extension of the emphasis on travel, this house also rules immigration, citizenship, passports, residency, and visas.

I am not sure which of the areas I listed above will become all-consuming for you, but I do know that one is likely to be the center of your concentration in the coming months. You might travel a great deal to distant cities, or you may be going to college or graduate school. You might be writing a book, starting a series of podcasts, or be hired as a managing or senior editor at a prestigious publication and work on a cover story.

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