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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

September will have a quiet, contemplative beginning. You might like this soft entry, for last month, the August 8 new moon brought some chaotic results. It was stressful for many, but this month is due to be much more positive. Three heavenly bodies have gathered in Virgo, your hidden twelfth house—the Sun, the new moon of September 6 at 15 degrees, along with Mars. The twelfth house brings benefits by withdrawing from the hustle and bustle of life to think, create, dream, and plan. It’s also a superb place to learn to meditate or to pray quietly.

You are close to your birthday new year, starting an entirely new cycle, so this is the perfect time to think about what you would like to accomplish in the months that follow your birthday. What would you be proud to say you did by this time next year? You will want to start your new year fresh, and not carry anything negative or hurtful from the past 12 months that has weighed you down.

The twelfth house, where the new moon of September 6 in Virgo will appear, has a strong link to health and institutions of confinement, such as hospitals and rehab centers. You might check yourself in to one through your doctor this month, or you may hear your mother is infirm and shut-in, so you will visit her. If anything has troubled you, you may now speak with a psychologist to get another person’s perspective on your situation. Make the first call just after the new moon of September 6 or in the days that follow.

Keep in mind a new moon like the one on September 6 is strong for weeks, although it will be strongest within five days after it appears (September 6-11). On September 6, there will be sales in the shops, so with Venus trine Jupiter, you may find an attractive bargain on something you’d like to buy. Go ahead and purchase new clothes, or get a cool, updated haircut, make an appointment with your dermatologist for Botox or fillers, or choose a new fragrance to go with the coming season. You’ll decide what works best for you.

On September 6, Venus, your ruler, will be in ideal sync with good-fortune Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. This is an enchanting aspect that I would love to see you enjoy. This day is the day of the new moon, but Venus and Jupiter are contacting each other separately from that new moon. Happily, for you, Venus, the planet of love, happiness, beauty, and good looks, will be in air-sign Libra, and Jupiter will also be in an air sign, Aquarius. This configuration is made for you as Libra is also an air sign. This day, September 6, falls on a holiday in the US, Labor Day, so offices and shops are closed. If you do not live in the US, you will have a normal workday, but as you see, this new moon has plenty of shining aspects for you.

Now let’s turn to Mars and his activities. Mars will remain in your twelfth house until September 14, a trend that started earlier on July 29. You may be working on the concept for a marketing, advertising, or social media campaign you will soon launch and need to keep secret for now. It won’t be long before you debut your work to the world—that will happen the moment Mars goes into Libra on September 14, to stay until October 30.

Mars and Pluto will be in perfect harmony on September 6, and that’s significant—you can negotiate anything on or very near this day and win. Mars is the action planet that is courageous and daring, and Pluto brings transformations. In astrology, we have planets that are considered tied together in a special relationship, and this is the case for Mars and Pluto—Pluto is said to be the higher octave of Mars, bringing the strength of Mars to an entirely new level. This aspect will help you find a new place to live or help you find ways to assist your parent (or your parent may help you).

Your finest day to sign a lease, close on a house, or make any family or home-related decisions will be the day the Sun and Pluto will be in perfect sync, September 16.

Venus will stay in Libra from the start of September until September 10—these will be fantastic days, but I will remind you that Mars will arrive in Libra and bring out your charm, September 14 to October 30. Everyone will wish they were you.

Rest up before Mars enters Libra on September 14, because you will be flying in your rocket ship, faster than the speed of light. The second half of September would be the best time to initiate a big plan that you may have in mind. The sooner you do so the better. Once Mars is in Libra (September 14 to October 30), you will feel you have quite a bit of control over how events go in your life. Mars will also make you magnetic and charismatic. You have had Venus in your sign too (until September 10), which is fantastic—the cards you are holding are all aces.

The full moon in Pisces, 28 degrees, will emphasize a work project that is coming to a lovely, lyrical finish, September 20. Indeed, your artistic project will likely come out beautifully. It will be a happy moment as it appears you have been working for weeks (or longer) on this, with a loving approach. Pisces is a highly creative, imaginative sign, and that describes your result. This full moon will be conjunct Neptune, Pisces’ ruler, suggesting you will create something otherworldly.

This same house, your sixth house, where the full moon will fall, also rules health. With Neptune so close to the full moon, doctors may be stymied about what is wrong (if there is anything wrong), so you may have to get a second opinion and redo the test. If you take a new medicine, ask about possible side effects. Listen closely to your body, and your observations will be helpful to your medical practitioner.

I mentioned you will have to act quickly and decisively as September begins, and here is why:

Mercury will go retrograde in Libra from September 26 to October 30. I would prefer that you sign documents in the first three weeks of September, well in advance of September 26. If you are given a contract during the retrograde and fear you will lose the apartment, the opportunity to take the job, or any number of losses, then sign. Realize whatever you think you are agreeing to is going to change, and in time, you won’t like the new circumstance. In this case, I feel you should sign nevertheless, but make sure you have a clear and easy exit clause. Of course, you will need a lawyer, and a good one at that.

Venus will be conjunct Jupiter on September 6, as I mentioned near the beginning of your report, and that’s your day for the most fun and love. If you can scoot away over the weekend of September 4-5 and ask take the extra vacation day, September 6, that would be quite a romantic weekend.

Venus will stay in Libra from the start of September until September 10—these will be fantastic days, but I will remind you that Mars will arrive in Libra and bring out your charm, September 14 to October 30. Everyone will wish they were you.


September will have a quiet start. Mars has been touring your privacy sector (twelfth house) since July 29, putting you in the mood to rest and rejuvenate. This is a good idea, for the new moon of September 6 will underscore this theme. Once Mars moves into Libra on September 14, you won’t have a moment to rest. (More about Mars in Libra and its meaning in a moment.)

While you have a strong emphasis on your twelfth house, there are some superb ways to use this influence for your benefit. One way would be to have your annual medical checkup, always an important step to take and not to miss. The twelfth house also rules the subconscious mind and is considered the area of mental health and healing. Additionally, you might want to consult a professional therapist to discuss something that has been on your mind and perhaps troubled you during the ongoing pandemic. You can visit your therapist through teleconference now, so you would not have to leave home to get the help you might feel you need.

An emphasis on the twelfth house can also bring enormous productivity when working alone, behind closed doors. If you are a writer or researcher, fashion designer, actor, illustrator, painter, poet, editor, musician, composer, costume designer, or work in other creative fields, being alone will be a boon to your career. While others take vacations or slack off, you will be checking off your to-do list one item at a time and feeling like a million dollars with the beauty you will turn out.

When Mars enters Libra for the first time in two years, you will suddenly start to feel a sustained surge of energy. You will want to bolt out of the gate and run with the banner. In the first half of the month, build a strategy for something you dearly want to accomplish by this time—that is, birthday time—next year. Mars will give you an abundance of energy and drive that you will need and that you can harness to start to materialize your dream.

Most times, you direct Mars’ energy in a specific area of your life to be effective, but Mars in your sign, Libra, is different—you can use Mars’ energy for any purpose. Your partner, in love or business, will likely figure prominently in your plans.

The full moon in Pisces on September 20 will bring a work-related creative project to completion, and this will be different than what the new moon of September 6 (and days that followed) might have manifested. Additionally, at this full moon, September 20, you may get a new part-time or full-time job. If you are self-employed, you may bring in an exciting new client. Another way this full moon might work out is that you may decide to hire a new employee for your staff.

No matter how this full moon affects you, with Neptune so close to the moon, do your due diligence by asking many questions, and call your lawyer if you need to draw up a contract. (If applicable, sign next month on October 23 or October 31—your best two best days.) Make no assumptions, for Neptune could throw you off course if you do. If you proceed gradually and with care, you should be fine. Neptune is the planet that governs the beauty and art of the world—all artistic expression—so if you are a creator or part of an artist’s support group, such as an agent or social media manager for a celebrity, you will do well with this September 20 full moon.

Romantically, you are lucky to have had Venus move into your sign on August 15 to stay until September 10. As you see, love for you will be best at the start of the month. Watch what happens when love-me planet Venus is in sync (a trine) with good-fortune Jupiter on September 6. Be sure to socialize on that evening, for if you are single, you have excellent chances of meeting someone special that you will want to know better.

Keep in mind that you have Mars in Libra too, after September 14 and through most of October, so your magnetism will be quite high.

Mercury will retrograde in Libra from September 26 to October 18, so be sure to get all your most vital initiations and purchases done in the first half of the month for best results. If you want to sign a contract, hurry it along—this must be done before Mercury goes retrograde or be delayed until next month.

This year, 2021, Jupiter will spend a great deal of time in your truelove sector (fifth house) until December 29. This is the first time you’ve had Jupiter’s help in 12 years! With Venus in Libra, signaling Jupiter in Aquarius on September 6, you must circulate. If you have already found your one truelove, go out on September 6—you will bond closer on this magical night for love.

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