Libra Horoscope for September 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller


September will have a quiet start. Mars has been touring your privacy sector (twelfth house) since July 29, putting you in the mood to rest and rejuvenate. This is a good idea, for the new moon of September 6 will underscore this theme. Once Mars moves into Libra on September 14, you won’t have a moment to rest. (More about Mars in Libra and its meaning in a moment.)

While you have a strong emphasis on your twelfth house, there are some superb ways to use this influence for your benefit. One way would be to have your annual medical checkup, always an important step to take and not to miss. The twelfth house also rules the subconscious mind and is considered the area of mental health and healing. Additionally, you might want to consult a professional therapist to discuss something that has been on your mind and perhaps troubled you during the ongoing pandemic. You can visit your therapist through teleconference now, so you would not have to leave home to get the help you might feel you need.

An emphasis on the twelfth house can also bring enormous productivity when working alone, behind closed doors. If you are a writer or researcher, fashion designer, actor, illustrator, painter, poet, editor, musician, composer, costume designer, or work in other creative fields, being alone will be a boon to your career. While others take vacations or slack off, you will be checking off your to-do list one item at a time and feeling like a million dollars with the beauty you will turn out.

When Mars enters Libra for the first time in two years, you will suddenly start to feel a sustained surge of energy. You will want to bolt out of the gate and run with the banner. In the first half of the month, build a strategy for something you dearly want to accomplish by this time—that is, birthday time—next year. Mars will give you an abundance of energy and drive that you will need and that you can harness to start to materialize your dream.

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