Libra Horoscope for September 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

I mentioned you will have to act quickly and decisively as September begins, and here is why:

Mercury will go retrograde in Libra from September 26 to October 30. I would prefer that you sign documents in the first three weeks of September, well in advance of September 26. If you are given a contract during the retrograde and fear you will lose the apartment, the opportunity to take the job, or any number of losses, then sign. Realize whatever you think you are agreeing to is going to change, and in time, you won’t like the new circumstance. In this case, I feel you should sign nevertheless, but make sure you have a clear and easy exit clause. Of course, you will need a lawyer, and a good one at that.

Venus will be conjunct Jupiter on September 6, as I mentioned near the beginning of your report, and that’s your day for the most fun and love. If you can scoot away over the weekend of September 4-5 and ask take the extra vacation day, September 6, that would be quite a romantic weekend.

Venus will stay in Libra from the start of September until September 10—these will be fantastic days, but I will remind you that Mars will arrive in Libra and bring out your charm, September 14 to October 30. Everyone will wish they were you.

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