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Dear Reader:

I am so happy to send you my October forecast because it is an unusual one. Despite the fact that Mercury will be retrograde until October 18 (almost always an annoying aspect causing delays and mix-ups), you can nevertheless look forward to a splendid month, filled with many magnificent aspects sprinkled throughout October. I feel these coming jewel-like aspects will be so strong, you may not be ruffled too much by Mercury retrograde. After all, you do have experience with little Mercury and can outwit many of his antics.

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This should be quite a spectacular birthday month for you, and you could take advantage of many special, sparkling aspects that will be sprinkled throughout the month. You may be surprised at my optimism and ask, “Wait, didn’t you say that this month has Mercury retrograde?” Yes, and that is a beautiful aspect this month because I think you might be able to outwit clever Mercury and his antics.

Mercury began retrograding in Libra last month on September 26, continuing until October 18. However, as they say, this is not your first rodeo. You’ve had plenty of experiences with Mercury behaving like Wrecker Ralph, so you should be able to sidestep the most obvious problems. You’ve likely learned to be more deliberate in your actions—I finally learned not to take my favorite sunglasses with me all the time because, sure as can be, I forget them at the bank, writing out a deposit slip, or in a taxi, rushing to get to my destination. You also may have learned not to sign a contract during Mercury retrograde and to leave a space of days after Mercury turns direct (October 18) because little Mercury will always be at his worst at the start and end of this phase.

Mercury rules machines and the spark in electronic products, and this is the reason you should not buy a computer, smartphone, refrigerator, washer-dryer, air conditioner, or automobile during the retrograde. If you’re desperate because your current machine broke down, you may not have a choice. If you can, rent until later when you can buy the item outright. Read the store’s return policies, follow them, and hold on to your receipts. Most of the time, you won’t be desperate and can wait, and in that case, do.

If you’re afraid you could lose a job or a new apartment (as two examples) if you don’t snap it up during the Mercury retrograde period, then do sign or get started. The problem is you’re not likely to stay very long, but then again, you might not mind. When Mercury is retrograde, the world is in flux, and the priorities you had before the retrograde will shift, so you won’t quite see which way things are heading. The rule of thumb in astrology is: If you sign a contract during the retrograde, it will likely need to be renegotiated later, especially if you want to continue the relationship (and you may not). Still, if you are worried about losing an opportunity, sign anyway. Be sure to have a lawyer look at the paperwork, though—that is not a step you should skip during Mercury retrograde.

You might be wondering how October could possibly be the brilliant, stellar month I’m predicting for you. Let me show you the way the aspects will work for you.

The month starts with a gorgeous new moon on October 6 in Libra, 13 degrees. This gracious new moon will arrive with her partner the Sun, and Mercury and Mars will accompany them, too—that’s quite a representation in Libra, and all of it will favor you. Your ruling planet is Venus, currently in Scorpio and in fine angle to Pluto, a very powerful planet that is associated with money and growth.

Before I tell you about the glorious new moon in Libra, I want to add that this month you will have four celestial bodies in air-sign Libra (the Sun, new moon, Mars, and Mercury), two in air-sign Aquarius (Jupiter and Saturn), and one about to enter a fire sign that blends beautifully too, Venus in Sagittarius as of October 7 through November 5. That’s seven out of ten planets in compatible elements, all working to support you. Wow! Now let’s move on to the new moon, a gift to you from a loving universe.

Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will help you in a big way on October 15, which is likely to be one of your favorite days of the month…, so if you’re single and hoping to meet someone new, this will be your day.

A new moon in your sign is special, and you can use it any way you please, so consider taking a step toward something you dearly want to accomplish. Every month, I tell you which area of your chart will be helped by the new moon, but birthday time is special—you can use this energy any way you please, and this also applies to you if you have Libra rising. Not only will you have a friendly Venus, but Jupiter and Saturn will both stand by to support that new moon, too. Saturn will add stability and a feeling of security to your life.

If your birthday happens to fall on October 6, plus or minus five days, this new moon will help you enormously. If you have the natal moon in Libra or Libra rising, 13 degrees, plus or minus five degrees, the same will be true for you. Additionally, see if you have any planets in Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius at 13 degrees, plus or minus five degrees. If you do have one (or more), the planet that qualifies will work very hard for you.

Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will help you in a big way on October 15, which is likely to be one of your favorite days of the month. Jupiter will be based in your fifth house of love, so if you’re single and hoping to meet someone new, this will be your day. This day will also be very helpful if you hope to have a baby and have been struggling to conceive—make an appointment with a fertility expert, or if you’re already working with a specialist, seek a second opinion. Jupiter is the planet of happiness and miracles, so you can anticipate a good day here. If you’re creative, this would be a wonderful day to do a presentation or show your client the finished work. October 15 is your day!

This month, three big outer planets will go direct, one right after the other. First, Pluto will go direct on October 6, having been retrograde since April 27. If you’ve been hoping to find a new suitable space to move into, Pluto direct could help you. You may find something you like on the new moon, and this space would come up quite suddenly. Pluto also rules money—you’d surely be able to get the mortgage you need.

On October 10, Saturn will go direct as well, having been retrograde since May 23. Saturn rules your residence, other property you might own or rent, and your family members’ homes, particularly, your parent’s. Matters related to any of these areas will advance at a faster pace. Looking forward, January 2, 2022, will be a critical new moon for you. If that one fails, your other option will come at the full moon July 13, 2022.

Jupiter will turn direct on October 17, having been retrograde since June 20. This change will jazz your social life quite a bit. You are one sign that gets oxygen from being with others, so you will love this change. This would be the most perfect weekend to see a friend you’ve not seen and plan to catch up over dinner. Be careful, wear your mask, and get vaccinated as the pandemic continues.

Of course, as said, Mercury goes direct on October 18, so a few days afterwards, you will see a blast of energy, and the pace of your life will go much more quickly. If you have done your research, asked questions, had interviews, or prepared to move forward on the items you’ve prioritized, by the time you get to the full moon, you should be ready to swing into motion.

The full moon will occur on October 20 in Aries at 27 degrees. This full moon is likely to be supremely friendly and will light your seventh house of partnerships—you may get engaged or married. This could be an outstandingly romantic moment of the month, and add five days beyond October 20 to allow the full moon to deliver its message. You will have so much going for you at this time.

Alternatively, you might use this full moon to finalize your choice of a business partner or one-on-one collaborator. Examples of a collaborator could be a new lawyer, accountant, wedding planner, manager, agent, publicist, decorator, architect, landscape designer, or a new ad agency for your business, among many possibilities. The promise you make now should be serious and lasting, and that’s why you would be entering into the association.

Mars will conjunct the Sun at the full moon on October 20, so you may be feeling doubly energetic. Good-fortune planet Jupiter will support the Sun, full moon, and Mars, suggesting a beautiful social event or vacation might be on your agenda, within five days of this date.

If you were born on October 20, plus three days or minus two days, you could feel this full moon the most—you’ll get a double-dip of pleasure. The same is true if you have Libra rising or your natal moon at 27 degrees. If you have any planets in Libra, Aquarius, Gemini, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius at 27 degrees, plus or minus five degrees, then that planet will take a starring role on October 20 and the surrounding days.

As you get to the last week of the month, you will have two of the sweetest aspects of the month. Circle them in gold on your calendar!

October 28 will bring Venus sextile Jupiter, meaning these two planets will be exactly 60 degrees apart—an aspect of opportunity. You are ruled by Venus, so this is a four-star aspect!

Whenever any planet speaks to Jupiter in a friendly way, that’s headline news, and to have your ruling planet do so gives this aspect more weight and importance for you. Venus will be in Sagittarius, your travel sector, and Jupiter will be in Aquarius, your fun and love area—see if you can take a quick trip.

On October 31, Mercury and Jupiter will be in sync, and both planets will now be direct, so a stellar day should be in store for you. Mercury will be in Libra and Jupiter in Aquarius. Again, travel will be on the agenda, although you could use this lovely aspect for other purposes—shop, sign a contract (a perfect day for this), give a speech, judge a contest, hand in a manuscript or report, apply to college or set up a college interview, or sell something, such as your house.


It’s birthday month, and at long last, you have an enviable chart. The past years have not always been in favorable positions in October, but those difficult planets have mostly moved on. The key moment to watch is the new moon in Libra, October 6, which will kick off a new, fresh cycle for your birthday year.

That new moon, October 6, will be surrounded by the Sun, Mars, and Mercury, all in Libra, giving you a crown of stars in your sign (also called a stellium), which translates into you having much more control in your life. A crown of stars in one sign is also known to bestow predominance.

You also have the appearance of the once-a-year new moon in Libra on October 6. That new moon will open a portal of powerful energy that could last for weeks and months, and you can use this as your heart desires. As well, Mars will be in Libra, a major advantage, signifying the start of an active, two-year chapter. This will be your time to draw up blueprints and run with the banner. Do your research and get your ducks in a row. Start your venture in the last third of the month when Mercury in Libra turns direct. Dear Libra, know what is most important to you, and take a step toward achieving that dream just after the new moon, October 6. The universe will be listening.

The reason you can’t quite bolt out of the gate as quickly as you might ordinarily is that Mercury will be retrograde, a position Mercury took up on September 26, continuing until October 18. When you start new ventures or make commitments to those closest to you (in love or business), you need a strong Mercury behind you. Mercury rules the agreement itself—the promise you are making to others or even to yourself.

The full moon in Aries in your sector of marriage, partners, and collaborators will glitter brightly on October 20. At that time, you may make a final decision about a relationship. You might get engaged or married, and this would be a great time to do so because at the full moon, Saturn will be perfectly situated in your fifth house of true love, sending good vibrations to your seventh house of marriage and commitment. You may now create a lasting foundation for your future.

Once Venus enters compatible Sagittarius, from October 7 to November 5, you may get a chance to take a glorious weekend trip to the country, perhaps to enjoy the change of seasons. Mother Nature is at her best in May and October (Venus rules both months), so don’t miss the magnificent landscape. Your most spectacular weekend to go away will be October 9-10, and if possible, leave after work on Friday, October 8. I like the weekend of October 30-31 even more.

If you’re married, at the full moon October 20, you can now make a pact with your one and only for a goal you’d both like to achieve, such as buying a house or having a baby. If you have no romantic partner, you may use this new moon to sign official papers with an expert, perhaps someone you want to join your business. Make your formal commitment after Mercury turns direct on October 18, and avoid buying electronics and signing contracts until then, too.

We must backtrack a little because when it comes to romance, it will be hard to beat October 15 when Jupiter, the great planet of good fortune currently in your house of love, will send a beam to the transiting Sun in Libra. Everyone of every sign will enjoy this day, but you will enjoy it more, for both planets are in fellow air signs and speaking directly to you. At month’s end, you will likely enjoy October 28 when Venus and Jupiter will be in communication. Plan something special and meaningful for both evenings to celebrate your love. If you are unattached, circulate!

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