Libra Horoscope for October 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

You also have the appearance of the once-a-year new moon in Libra on October 6. That new moon will open a portal of powerful energy that could last for weeks and months, and you can use this as your heart desires. As well, Mars will be in Libra, a major advantage, signifying the start of an active, two-year chapter. This will be your time to draw up blueprints and run with the banner. Do your research and get your ducks in a row. Start your venture in the last third of the month when Mercury in Libra turns direct. Dear Libra, know what is most important to you, and take a step toward achieving that dream just after the new moon, October 6. The universe will be listening.

The reason you can’t quite bolt out of the gate as quickly as you might ordinarily is that Mercury will be retrograde, a position Mercury took up on September 26, continuing until October 18. When you start new ventures or make commitments to those closest to you (in love or business), you need a strong Mercury behind you. Mercury rules the agreement itself—the promise you are making to others or even to yourself.

The full moon in Aries in your sector of marriage, partners, and collaborators will glitter brightly on October 20. At that time, you may make a final decision about a relationship. You might get engaged or married, and this would be a great time to do so because at the full moon, Saturn will be perfectly situated in your fifth house of true love, sending good vibrations to your seventh house of marriage and commitment. You may now create a lasting foundation for your future.

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